7 Tips: How To Declutter Your Life Using Craiglist

Getting rid of the extraneous things in your life is such a good feeling it really is hard to put into words.u00c2u00a0 If you’ve done it, you know how amazing it feels.u00c2u00a0 If you haven’t purged the clutter in your life, give it a try.

Good reasons for getting rid of clutter are vast and varied.

Maybe you’re moving and don’t want to rent a moving van.u00c2u00a0 Maybe you’re like me, going nomadic, and just need to get rid of everything.u00c2u00a0 Maybe you need a little bit of cash.u00c2u00a0 Or maybe you just need to clear a lot of junk out of your life and start with a clean slate.u00c2u00a0 Any reason is a good reason.

The question is, how do you go about getting rid of the clutter while minimizing the time involved and maximizing the cash you’ll receive?

Craigslist is your answer.u00c2u00a0 It’s available worldwide.u00c2u00a0 It’s free.u00c2u00a0 It’s fast.

To make purging your unwanted belongings easier I’ve put together these 7 tips I’ve acquired over the past month of clearing out my house.

I’ve sold almost everything except my car and couch at this point.u00c2u00a0 I’ve sold bedroom furniture, 2 beds, my favorite guitar (Gibson SG), bookshelves, a TV, Nintendo Wii, a Nintendo DS, fake house plants, and the list goes on.u00c2u00a0 All of the stuff I’ve sold has put about $3,000 in my pocket and I’ve never felt more free.u00c2u00a0 I’m paring everything down to one 32 Liter backpack so I still have a bit of a ways to go, but I’m almost there.

With all of that out of the way, let’s get to it:

1) Get An Account.

Go to http://www.craigslist.org and sign up for an account.u00c2u00a0 It’s free, and it makes listing and relisting items for sale quicker.u00c2u00a0 Saving your time is saving your money.

2) The Pictures.

Take pictures of all your things.u00c2u00a0 More pictures is better, but be mindful of the return on investment.u00c2u00a0 If you’re selling a $10 lamp is it worth your time to take multiple pictures? No.u00c2u00a0 If you’re selling a $500 bedroom set, on the other hand, provide as many details as you can.u00c2u00a0 Especially if there are any flaws in the furniture.u00c2u00a0 Be upfront about defects so you don’t waste anybody’s time.

Upload your pictures to Flickr, Photobucket, or your favorite image hosting site.u00c2u00a0 Name your images by product and number them.u00c2u00a0 For example, BedroomSet01.jpg, BedroomSet02.jpg, etc.u00c2u00a0 This way you’ll be more organized, and listing your items on Craigslist it will be quicker and easier.

Note: I use Photobucket and for each picture they give you the HTML code needed to easily insert into your Craiglist ad.

3) How To Write A Craigslist Headline.

Headlines are important, so be clear about what you’re selling.

Bad headline: 5 piece bedroom set.

Good headline: Black 5 Piece Bedroom Set Non-smoking home 70% off list!

It almost seems like common sense, but you’d be surprised how many people have horrible headlines.

4) Killer Pricing Strategies.

Craigslist buyers are looking for a deal.u00c2u00a0 That’s not to say you have to be unreasonably cheap, but be realistic.u00c2u00a0 If you have a $2000 bedroom set don’t expect to get $1500, or even $1000 for it.

Industry standard, time-tested, pricing strategies work here.u00c2u00a0 For example, $499 or $497 instead of $500.u00c2u00a0 I had a bedroom set listed for $500 and didn’t get any e-mails.u00c2u00a0 I changed the price to $499 and got 2 e-mails within an hour.

Bonus pricing tip: If you have no idea what to price your item you have 2 fast and easy options.u00c2u00a0 First, check eBay’s completed listings for the same item to check the average selling price.u00c2u00a0 Or, if your item is a big piece of furniture or something else that is probably not on eBay, price it at about 33% of retail if it’s still in great condition.u00c2u00a0 The worse the condition the lower you’ll have to go.

5) Best Times To List.

Deleting and immediately relisting your post is not allowed.u00c2u00a0 Craigslist makes you wait an arbitrary number of minutes, hours, or days.u00c2u00a0 I haven’t figured out that algorithm, because I’ve listed an item and been able to relist it within 30 minutes, and with another item I had to wait 2 days.

Best bet listing strategy:u00c2u00a0 List at 6-7 PM on Thursday.u00c2u00a0 This is when people are preparing to do their bargain shopping for the weekend and your item will be listed towards the top of your category’s page.

If your item hasn’t sold by Friday, delete the listing Friday evening then relist it Saturday morning if you can.u00c2u00a0 If you can’t (due to Reposting restrictions), relist the item Sunday morning.u00c2u00a0 If you have a Craigslist account relisting is really quick.u00c2u00a0 Login to your account, find your deleted post, click Repost, and follow the steps.

6) Time Saving Strategies.

You’ll receive a lot of time-wasting “is this item still available?” e-mails.u00c2u00a0 Cut them off at the pass by clearly stating in your listing: “Please do not e-mail to ask if this item is available.u00c2u00a0 If this listing is up the item is available.u00c2u00a0 I will delete the listing as soon as the item has sold.”

To make it easier on yourself you might want to list your phone number in the listing so you don’t have to bother responding to multiple e-mails on the same items.u00c2u00a0 That’s really a personal preference and dependent on how comfortable you are listing your phone number in public.

7) Safety.

Don’t accept any form of payment other than cash.u00c2u00a0 You may get e-mails about using Western Union, bank transfers, or other scam-prone options.u00c2u00a0 Don’t even respond to those e-mails.u00c2u00a0 For small items, meet in a public place like a gas station, preferably during the day.u00c2u00a0 For larger items you will have to obviously give your address, but be sure to take down the person’s full name, e-mail, and phone number.u00c2u00a0 Truthfully, that might not help a lot if something bad were to happen.u00c2u00a0 But at the same time, it is good information to have on hand.

Bonus Tip: Start Early.

Start listing your items 1-2 months BEFORE you really have to sell them if you want to the highest possible price.u00c2u00a0 You can start your prices high and every week drop them a little lower.u00c2u00a0 I sold my beds and bedroom furniture for more than I expected because of this strategy.u00c2u00a0 If you’re in the process of moving, the added benefit of starting early is you won’t be stressed out trying to get rid of your things at the last minute.

Once you’ve de-cluttered your life and put a little bit of cash in your pocket, be mindful about getting back in the habit of filling your life with more unnecessary stuff.


Update (August 14):u00c2u00a0 Sold my car on Craigslist! Also had interest from an eBay ad, but ultimately sold to someone who found it on Craigslist.


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Great site man. I have done most of this posts suggestions, but wanted to comment about your site. Looks awesome. Going to work my way around and check out more that you are offering. Great job man.

P.S. Saw your comment on ZH and that’s where I found you.



Hey Dave, thank you for your comments! And thanks for letting me know where you found the site. :)

Ken Kurosawa | Wasabi Burger

Great tips to sell on craigslist.
Western union is definitely a no-no, I’ve personally heard some horror stories.
I’ve found jobs on craigslist, but yet to sell anything.
Thanks Karol

Ken Kurosawa


Thanks for commenting Ken! I’d like to hear stories about people actually using Western Union for any legitimate purposes. :) Are there any out there?


Yes, Western Union is used for legitimate purposes. Back when I was digging out from a mountain of credit card debt by using a credit counseling agency, there were many months when I forgot to send my payment check on time (one of the reasons I ended up with the mountain). Then I went to the store with cash or my debit card and sent the money by Western Union so I knew it would be there on time. Whatever fraud the company unintentionally facilitates, it serves well many people who really need it, and I’m grateful they were there when I needed them.


Kathryn, thank you for clarifying how Western Union can be used legitimately! Glad to hear you were able to scale the mountain of debt.


Hi Karol, I like the site and I like this post! I know a little about craigslist but I haven’t dealt with them much. I have been very much in the decluttering frame of mind today, and was also just on ZH, where Leo is talking about living simply. I am ready to sell it all!!! I might not be tomorrow but for now, unloading some junk is sounding better and better. I was only thinking in terms of getting rid of some things, not actually making money from them. I am newly inspired!

Take care,


Hi Gail,

Thanks for your comments! I’m glad the article could help inspire you to declutter (and make some extra cash).



Karol, such guts you got there. Wish i have that kind of courage. Awesome work with the tips. Will keep it in mind, if that one day comes. You never know right? :)


Hey Karlil, thanks for posting! Everybody has the courage. Sometimes it’s just hiding. I’ve had a lot of good examples to follow. :)

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