Accountability Statement #1
Publication: RidiculouslyExtraordinary.
Posted by Ryan Neal
Accountability Statement #1
Publication: RidiculouslyExtraordinary. Posted by Ryan Neal

This is a meta post (a first!) about the direction of Ridiculously Extraordinary and changes I'm making.

As I was getting ready to post a new article today (in keeping with my new Tuesday/Thursday posting schedule) I decided against it and I'm posting this instead.

I'm going back to posting once/week. Not because twice/week is too much. It's not. Although even the short post this past Tuesday (Enjoy The Process) took 3-4 hours to write/edit (did I mention I'm a very slow editor?) this blog doesn't take an exceptional amount of time every week.

Note about editing: Enjoy The Process was a very lengthy, 1,000+ word article at one point. I edited and edited until it got down to less than 500 words. That takes a while.

The reason I'm going back to a once/week posting schedule is I'm actually writing more than ever before. But all that extra writing which I had planned for this blog is now going to go out as guest posts on other blogs.

If I want to get anywhere with this blog (I do) I need more readers. Writing guest posts for other blogs will expose this blog to more readers. Simple enough, right?

As of now I get most of my traffic from search engines and 2nd most from RSS subscribers. My goal is to make it so my #1 source of traffic is other people/Web sites.

Don't get me wrong, having just 1 regular reader is awesome and I'm grateful I have quite a bit more than that. But if my goal is to change 100 lives (it is) I need at least 10,000 regular readers.

Why so many?

Coming from a direct marketing background I know that, unfortunately, most people don't take action. 100 is 1% of 10,000 and a 1% response rate is regarded as a generally good response rate. In this case, we'll call it an "action rate."

Lots of you have asked how exactly I'm going to help those 100 action-oriented people achieve Ridiculously Extraordinary Freedom.

Besides the free content on this blog (which I hope will help a lot of people) I'm eventually going to sell specific products about achieving Ridiculously Extraordinary Freedom. As of right now I have no products in the pipeline, but I do have plans for products, books, and workshops.

The last time I sold an informational course ( was over 5 years ago. It sold out 30 spots (10 at $997 and 20 at $497) in an hour.

Quite a few of the people who joined that program ended up making an extra $50-$100k.

It's proven that I can produce results.

I just don't have the big audience I once had. I had almost 50,000 double opt-in e-mail newsletter subscribers at one point until I essentially deleted them all (some of you are still following me, hello and thanks!) and quit the information marketing business.

This is all a long way of saying, if you're going to be a Ridiculously Extraordinary Reader you should know that eventually there will be something for sale here.

There will never be any paid advertising, of course, and all of the blog content is free for you to steal and do with as you see fit. That will never change.

I will let you know (probably via when my first guest posts start hitting the blogosphere. I don't have any confirmed yet, but they're coming.

And if you've got a blog about freedom, health, business, or personal development and need a guest post (maybe you're busy, going out of town, or broke your fingers in a freak typing accident) let me know: KarolGajda AT I've got your back. :)

Oh, and just to be clear: my goal is to have those 10,000 regular readers by October 23, 2010 (1 year from today).

Thoughts? Share 'em in the comments or e-mail me.

If not, see you on Tuesday with a new article!