Come Rock With Me


It’s that time again! is kicking off another massive sale that begins right now and goes for 72 hours (until this Thursday, June 23, at Noon Eastern).

We’re calling this one the Rock Your Life Sale because all the products in the package are personal development related. My own Mind Control Method, $47 on its own, is included! In total there are 22 courses from 23 awesome people.

Some of the rock stars who contributed to this sale include Leo Babauta, Charlie Gilkey, Jonathan Mead … well, the list is long …

Check out the Rock Your Life Sale right here to get the full list of products/contributors.

If you don’t already know, is a partnership between myself and Adam Baker from

A couple of times per year we run these massive sales for just 72 hours. The goal with each sale is to make it a massive win/win/win/win, which is nearly unheard of nowadays.

So who wins?

  1. You win by getting a massive discount on a great group of products.
  2. Our contributors win by getting their products in front of thousands of new readers.
  3. A charity wins by getting $5 from each sale. (This time it’s the Kidney Foundation to help our friend Cath Duncan.)
  4. And we win as well.

Check out the Rock Your Life Sale by clicking here and if you have any questions please get in touch.


  1. Right on Karol !
    The last 72 hour sale (7 months ago) was my first ever online course purchase. I didn’t embrace the affiliate potential, but I can say with seriousness that the courses it contained entirely altered the course of my life… Starting with your own “How to Live Anywhere”

    Heck, I’m writing this over a pot of English tea from a flat in Waterloo, London after a month in Africa and a month on the Adriatic coast writing about food and food culture. I purchased the 72-hour course package sitting in a fluorescent lit cubicle eating a stale bagel.

    I will personally vouch for the value of the last batch of courses, and would encourage anyone that feels slightly inclined to take the plunge.


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