Making decisions isn't always easy, but procrastinating on making a decision is worse than making a wrong decision.

I'll tell you where this is coming from.

After closing down registration for the Ridiculously Extraordinary Member's Area last Friday I got a handful of e-mails asking where to sign up. Because I'm a man of my word, once registration was closed, it was closed. Maybe I closed it a few minutes early, maybe I closed it a few minutes late, but around 10:30am EST it was closed.

As I've said before, this isn't about money.

The Right People Thing

It's about, as Havi from would say, finding my Right People.

As she states in that article, just because you're not my Right People, it doesn't mean you're my wrong people.

And here's the thing: I don't necessarily decide if you're my Right People. You decide that on your own.

My Right People don't have to be pushed or prodded.

You comment on this blog, you share posts with friends on twitter and facebook and elsewhere, you send me a short succinct e-mail with a question or comment (or sometimes a long e-mail thanking me for something) and you take action when there is action to be taken.

You respect my time, my views, and my information. And in return, I respect yours.

And most importantly, you respect the fact that when I say I'm going to do something, I do it. So while it would be cool to let 4 additional people into the Member's Area, it's just not "Right."

It's A Touchy Subject

It almost feels like it's an exclusivity thing, doesn't it? Like if you don't fit perfectly into the puzzle we shouldn't be friends.

It goes beyond that.

"The people who need my message in my form will get it." - Havi Brooks
Maybe my message isn't right for you and that's cool. It's OK if we don't vibe or if you don't want to be here. That's the beauty of all of this.

You can choose to be a Ridiculously Extraordinary Freedom Fighter or you can choose not to be. Everything I do is a filter. Everything I write is a filter. It helps make your decision easier. You're welcome. :)

Freedom Fighters come in all forms, but there are common traits. It's more of a feeling, actually. It's not something I can synthesize into words on a blog post. It's not something you can put a finger on either.

It just is.

You Should Create Filters Too

There is no sense in spending your life attracting people who aren't your Right People. But the only way to find your Right People is to create filters. Your favorite hobby is a filter. Your lifestyle is a filter. Your point of view is a filter. Your job, where you live, what you eat, what you don't eat, the type of music you listen to, how you treat others ... these are all filters.

How A Filter Filters

Your Right People don't have to have the same interests as you. They don't have to have the same hobbies. You can actually have almost nothing in common. What it boils down to is respect. Your Right People will acknowledge everything about you, whether they agree or disagree, and still support you.

More ...

I've been meaning to write this article ever since I read about Havi's Right People concept. It took me a while to get it out and I've already begun adding more filters here. There are even more on the way.

I hope, if my filters filter you away, that you find your Right People. It's important and I want you to have your Right People.

Because if you're not living life with your Right People you're not living life.