Fits and Starts (or How I Lost 5,000 Words Of Content And Busted Ass To Rewrite It!)


Today is a big day.

Not only because I’m launching the Freedom Fighters eCourse (more below), but because it’s Holi! The Festival of Colors! I’m probably outside right now getting covered in colored powder and water which I hope doesn’t come out for days. :)

As you may know, before I launched I spent 30 days writing at least 1,000 words/day for it. This gave me a base of articles to launch with and gave me some leeway in case I was too busy and didn’t have another article ready on my scheduled post days.

You’ve seen maybe half of that content so far. Some of it wasn’t very good and some of it I just haven’t released for whatever other reason.

Part of the content you never saw is the 7 Day eCourse I created called “How To Be Extraordinary.”

I knew one of the best ways to connect with friends and fans was through e-mail, but I never launched the course.

I kept telling myself: “Ehh, I’ll wait until I have more readers.”

Do you ever do that? Put things off that you know will benefit you and others?

A few weeks ago I decided I was finally going to release the course.


But I couldn’t find it.

5,000 words don’t just disappear!

Or do they?

Interestingly, losing the course didn’t even affect me. I was probably going to rewrite it anyway.

When I wrote the original eCourse I hadn’t yet found my voice. I’m still not fully there, but I’ve got a much better idea of where I’m going with my writing style now.

What all that means is I had to get to work writing a new course from scratch. Being that I’ve been drinking far too much coconut juice I also thought it would be a good idea to write an eBook at the same time as writing the free course!

The eBook, How To Live Anywhere, comes out Friday March 05, 2010 at Midnight EST (use, also considered Thursday night to some folks. It’s currently at 10,000 words, but you’ll learn Friday about a secret I have about turning that into at least 30,000 words. I already feel like, even if I didn’t write another word, you’ll really love it. (Don’t forget, if you’re first to buy it’s only 10 cents and goes up 10 cents after every sale.)

As far as the free Freedom Fighters ecourse. Well. That?

That comes out right now…

(I hate spam and you will never get any from me. That’s a promise.)

Who Freedom Fighters Is For:

– You, if you want to achieve Ridiculously Extraordinary Freedom.

– You, if you want to connect with what I do beyond the scope of this site.

– You, if you want more in depth insight into the Freedom aspect of what I write about.

Who Freedom Fighters Isn’t For:

– People who don’t take action.

– Readers of this site who like my writing, but don’t necessarily want Ridiculously Extraordinary Freedom. I know there are a few of you. That’s cool. No worries. I’m still keeping up the regular blog posting and I love and appreciate that you’re here. :)

– Anybody who already has a freedom business. I might be able to teach you some things if you’re already free, but this ecourse is designed for somebody who is just getting started.

Get Your Free Freedom Fighters Subscription Here:

(I hate spam and you will never get any from me. That’s a promise.)


  1. Hey Karol,

    Just looking for some clarification on the date of the eBook launch. You have Friday, March 8th. Friday is the 5th, (at least in America…not sure about in India amongst the guitar luthier gurus) and Monday is the 8th. I need to plan out which midnite feeds to blow off with the triplets.

    I had a friend who spent several months in India for work and he said that they had Gibson knockoffs called Givson guitars. If you can find me an authentic Eric Crapton Phender I just might be a buyer.

    Thanks bud,

    – Charley

    • Hey Charley,

      I’m such a dork I got my own birthday wrong. :) It is, indeed, Friday March 05, 2010.

      I’ll be on the lookout for Givsons! I have not seen any knockoff guitars, just guitars made by Indian companies.


  2. I’m very excited about your e-book! Even more so ‘cos i’ts being released on my birthday. That’s a very auspicious date! Lol…

    • Hi Angela,

      Is your birthday March 5? I put the wrong date in the article, but I updated it. The eBook is coming this Friday at Midnight EST, March 05, 2010. Which is my birthday! haha


  3. I love your site and what you’re doing. I just signed up for Freedom Fighters. Thanks for putting it out there, even though you had been planning to wait until you had more readers. Thanks for being bold! :)

  4. Can’t wait to start Karol! Thank you for doing this. I’m a beginner, but I’m ready. Soon I will be living in England and working for myself! There’s a beautiful cottage in Chipping Campden with my name on it just waiting for me. :)

  5. Karol,

    This course sounds awesome! I just signed up and read the first newsletter. I am really excited. I committed to myself that 2010 is the year I am going to find freedom of location and explore the world. In fact, I loved your pictures of guitar making so much that I added it to the list of experience I want in my life. Can’t wait to read more!

    Thank you,
    ~Scott Kostolni

    • Hey Scott,

      Awesome! There are other places to build guitars too. There’s a workshop in Kuala Lumpur that I almost went to. But India just called to me. :)


  6. Thanks for putting the course out there for us. I was wondering if I should email you directly to connect with you and be one of your 100. This way is good too… and I believe!

    BTW… I’m also in the (352) area code, I always wanted to brag about that!

  7. Looks interesting. I’m part way through trying to start a couple online businesses. Been doing more work on them than ever before, but still need to get that first customer. Its do or die in the next 2 weeks.

    My b-day is March 2nd so were forming a nice little club here.

    • Hey Tim,

      Awesome, thanks for joining! Something you’ll probably see/hear me talk about is focus: “a couple online businesses” is too many. While having more than one is no problem, when you’re just starting, focusing on one until it succeeds (yay!) or fails (move on to the next) is key.

      Lots of March birthdays! Interesting. :)


  8. Yo, Freedom Fighters!
    Just checked out the extraordinary collection of guitar building photos and left my comments on Flicker. Awesome! Greatly impressed.

    I would like to go to Paris … to the Musee d’Orsay to see all the Impressionist’s paintings there .. and another spot with a Monet collection ,,. and spend a few months there, why not … check out the south of France as well. Immerse myself and upgrade my French.

    All in good time.

    Yesterday was my birthday, by the by; Not March, but definitely Piscean.

    I’d post a pic IF someone could tell mehow and/or where. Not fond of those little blue icons, but not too technically savy either. ;)

    This is going to be fun! I am so excited.

    • Happy belated Birthday Pat!

      Thanks for your kind words and for checking out the photos. :)

      To have a pic on this blog (and many other WordPress blogs) go to and register your avatar. (Don’t worry, I was confused as to where all the images were coming from at first too!)

      As for France: sounds great!


  9. I hate it when that happens. But it is quicker to write things the second time round when they’ve crystalised in our minds properly. You’ve got a shed load of great stuff going on here which is quite impressive. Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks Annabel! I don’t know if the 2nd time around was quicker since I didn’t remember a word from the 8 months ago (the 1st time around)…BUT…I do like the course a lot more now. I don’t remember loving it very much on the first go round. :)

  10. Might want to back this one up on a couple of discs–and mail one to yourself at your base address. I frequently email important material to myself for safe keeping–not just insurance against computer loss/theft, but access from anywhere as well.

    Just a thought! ;-)

    • hahaha, you KNOW that was funny, but you’re not allowed to bring it back to my blog :) (err, everybody else: I left a comment on to the same effect)

  11. You are pretty dedicated with your work Karol. I don’t know what will I do if I lost that much volume of work. I’m currently working on my ebook and you have provided me here with inspiration. Keep on going dude. :-)

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