The Greatest Offer I’ve Ever Made


This offer is now closed, but the lessons below still apply.

In exchange for reading this post you’ll learn how to make a win/win/win offer that is guaranteed to make you more sales than you’re used to. All you have to do is copy what I do here for your own business. Even if you’re not interested in my Greatest Offer you need to read this and use it yourself in the future.

Tomorrow my friend Corbett is releasing a product called Traffic School that I’ve seen go from pre-conception to completion. Corbett is in my mastermind group. It’s a very small group (4, including me) that meets (virtually) every week to discuss business/life/everything. I remember months ago when we were discussing the naming, content, price points and lots of other fun business stuff for Traffic School. I’ve seen Corbett grow Traffic School from a gleam in his eye to a full fledged baby and it has been a great personal learning experience observing his creation process.

Note: Last year our tiny little mastermind group collectively grossed over $400k. This year we’ll probably double that even though we actually only have 3 people in the group right now. Bonus lesson of the day: Mastermind groups work.

I believe in Traffic School. (Hell, I wrote the landing page headline!) Traffic School is, without a doubt, the most thorough framework for taking any website (blog, online store, etc) to a new level of traffic. From 0 to at least 3,000 visitors/month if you’re brand new, or double your traffic if you’ve been around a while. Corbett has done it multiple times, he’s helped other people do it multiple times, and I’ve done it myself multiple times as well. I can say straight up that what he recommends works.

Now for the greatest offer I’ve ever made …

Traffic School is only available to 100 students tomorrow and you need to go to Corbett’s site to register today before the sale starts.

If you are one of those 100 who buys Traffic School through this link you will get the following from me:

Bonus 1:

All of my products if you don’t already have them. (Just wait, this is the baby bonus just to get this started.) That’s How To Live Anywhere Long Haul ($97), Mind Control Method ($77), and Luxury of Less ($9.99). Value: $183.99.

Bonus 2 (the huge bonus):

My next product, which I haven’t even announced yet! I’m tentatively calling it Your First $500 and the price when I release it will most likely be $500, although I still haven’t discussed this with the mastermind. You get this as a bonus when it is released (timeframe: end of Summer). Value: $500. (Getting better here, aren’t we?)

Bonus 3:

A one hour online group conference where you can talk/type with Corbett and I. This will be held March 22 and if you can’t make it we’ll record it and send it to you later. Corbett and I each charge in the vicinity of $250 for one hour of consultation. Put us together and that’s another $500 bonus. But I’ll be conservative. Let’s say this is valued at only $50. So far we’re up to $733.99 in bonuses.

Bonus 4:

On April 21 we’ll have another one hour online group conference (with just me this time) because I want to follow up and make sure you’re implementing what you’ve been learning in Traffic School. You’ll be about 6 weeks in so you’ll have had a chance to go through quite a bit of the course. Value: at least $50.

Total value of my bonuses: at least $783.99. And that’s not even inflated value. That’s a straight up “if you were to buy all this stuff separately this is what it would cost” value.

This is, by far, the best offer going for Traffic School. Beyond that it truly is The Greatest Offer I’ve Ever Made.

All you have to do is be one of the first 100 to buy Traffic School through this link when it goes on sale tomorrow (go to that link and register so you don’t miss out). After you make your purchase tomorrow forward your receipt to KarolGajda at Gmail so I can get you your bonuses.

Why Am I Doing This?

There are a multitude of reasons why I’m making such an outstanding offer out in public instead of keeping it private via the Freedom Fighters and I’m happy to be transparent about it.

1) I believe in Traffic School.

What better reason than that to support it?

2) This is a case study.

I’m using this as a case study for a future speaking gig.

I want to prove that you don’t need a big audience to make a lot of sales if you position the offer well.

3) This is a presell.

I’m effectively preselling my next product before producing it. By purchasing Traffic School you get my next product Your First $500 free. Or you can think of it as buying Your First $500 in advance and getting Traffic School free.

4) I love making insane offers.

As you already know, I’ve been part of some insane sales (the first two 72 hour sales). It’s simply lots of fun putting together crazy value for people who deserve it.

Wrapping It Up

Important: Do not click any other links for Traffic School besides this one. If you do click a link elsewhere come back here and click this link before you purchase. If I don’t get credit I can’t give you your bonuses.

Get Traffic School through this link (register at the site; it goes on sale tomorrow, but you have to register to get it) and forward me your receipt after your purchase: KarolGajda at Gmail.

– Whenever you’re making an offer (whether it’s an affiliate offer like this one or a regular offer of your own products), make it a win/win/win if you want it to be extraordinarily successful. You can copy what I did here straight up and I guarantee it will work for you.

– Thanks for reading The Greatest Offer I’ve Ever Made. I’m going to leave comments open here because I’m interested in your thoughts about this.


  1. Argh…this is so tempting. I need to go re-read my post on “when to stop buying and start doing” over and over again.

    Here’s a question for you. I follow most of the masterminds in the group and have some type of product or training from many of them. What does Traffic School offer that I don’t already have in Fire Starter Sessions or A-List Blogging Bootcamp?

    • Great question. I haven’t gone through Fire Starter Sessions so can’t comment too much on that. (Although I’ve heard only good things!) And I’m not going to say anything bad about A-List because I think it’s great. I feel like if you’ve bought both of those courses then you should take your advice and “start doing.” :)

  2. Karol, “you need to figure out your sweet spot. Without it you’re just running blind AND you’ll never have <>.”

    Not-enough-alitis, remember? I suppose you didn’t get to “enough” yet, right? Just wondering what to expect, when I get where you already are :-)


    • I don’t understand your point, but I guess what’s important is that you shouldn’t strive to be where I am. You should strive to go where you want to go and be who you want to be.

  3. Can a blogger over age 40 be successful? I noticed that none of your successful faculty appear to be over the age of 40, and it seems that the VAST majority of successful bloggers out there are also under the age of 40.

    So if I’m 41, is this program right for me, or is it too late for me at this point?

    (Asked with tongue planted in cheek – but only partially.) :-)

    • Hey Mike, if you don’t think you can be successful because of X (whether X is age or some other arbitrary excuse) then you are correct. Is the program right for you? Only you can answer that. :)

      • Like I said…a mostly tongue-in-cheek comment, but I do find it interesting, that a large percentage of successful people in this industry fall into a particular age range, and I wonder if that has to do specifically with the advantage the younger generations have by having been immersed in technology for most (or all) of their lives, ir if it goes deeper than that.

  4. Hi Karol,

    It looks like a great deal.

    In your opinion, is this a good program for a non-blog site? The material I read on the pre-order page said that it wasn’t just for blogs, but, I wanted to get your point of view as well since you’re a bit more removed from the product and may be able to give a less biased opinion. Also, quite frankly, I feel that you’ve proven yourself to be a person that won’t recommend a product unless you truly believe it will help in a given situation – that may be true of Traffic School’s creator as well, but, I’m not familiar enough with them to make that call.

    Without drowning you in detail, I’ve got a language learning site that offers some free online lessons, massive amounts of reviews of language learning materials and a few books for sale through the site.

    The material on the site is high quality and ranks well organically (without us having spent any time on SEO). However, the site still only averages ~300 visitors per month. Total revenue for the site for 2010 was ~$500 (mostly from book sales but some from Amazon affiliate and a bit from Adsense).

    We’ve got goals to grow the revenue from the site in 2011 (which shouldn’t be hard with only $500 as the mark to beat). In order to do this, obviously, we need to increase traffic (and, figure out a better way to monetize the site).

    I don’t mind spending money to make money, but, I don’t want to blow the site’s entire 2010 revenue on a program that’s geared towards a different type of site.

    Thanks for any input you can provide.


    • Hey Jessica, great question. Corbett created it specifically for any type of site, but I understand your concerns. The fact that you already have a base to work from should help you a lot. And to be honest, a blog is really just a website, albeit easier to put online than a regular site without a content management system. That said, I have a pretty strict policy of not outright selling and saying “you need this.” The truth is you don’t need any course, but having a framework can help going from point A to point B when you’re stuck.

  5. I pretty much had the same question as Jessica, on a sidenote:
    Buy the product or 2 hours of private coaching from Karol or Corbett.

  6. Wow~ It’s incredible awesome! When I saw Karol in the list of Traffic School, and when I read here about how much extra and extra values you’re putting in together, it just hard to believe how great things can offer by Karol.
    But I’m still a student, Traffic School that cost $500 is just too much for me to afford. TT
    What I can do now is just to depends on myself to build up the blog, while fighting out some financial to support myself in the soon future, and grabbing another huge opportunity like this and won’t miss it anymore. I really don’t want to miss it.
    Spend money to learn from the top like Karol and Corbett are definitely better to spend those money on entertainment or whatsoever new tech gadgets. :D
    *but currently don’t have much financial for both. ><
    I'll keep following Karol and Corbett to keep learning and target for more great offers coming in the real soon future.
    Thanks Karol for such a generous offer.

  7. Has the launch been delayed?

    Assuming my time-zone skills are not failing me, it should be 1pm EST now.

    I want to make sure that I don’t miss out due to a delayed email or other technical issue on my end.

  8. Karol,
    If you’re offering it, I know it’s good. I’m not just waxing poetic either. It’s obvious by reading your posts.
    We’re the same age friend. Whenever that question creeps into my head, I work it into oblivion. If I fail, the one thing others will say is, “He’s the hardest working failure I’ve ever known”.
    True enough that the window seems limited if we are looking in the wrong place. But, there are so many successes out there in every walk of life, that the sky is the limit. Recently, I put 300 lbs up on the bench for the first time in my life. I’m nearing 100 push-ups. We all grow at a different pace. The point is to grow.
    Sorry for the long post. But, I’m so used to your encouragement that it got a little contagious:)

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