How Much Is One Dollar Worth To You?


You’d almost think this was going to be a political post or maybe me shedding light on the Third World.

Nope, this is about making money.

One Dollar Can Change Your Life

I’ve been hanging out with some very successful people in a top-secret location somewhere in Europe. ;) (Hence my train ride last Thursday.) It got me thinking.

Can you figure out how to make one dollar?

If you can figure out how to make one dollar, do you think you can figure out how to make $2?

How about $10?

If you can do $10, you can surely do $100, right?

And once you reach $100, you’re really not that far off from $1,000. So on and so forth.

The point is, don’t get caught up in making a million dollars right now. Don’t get caught up in making job replacement income right now. Do get caught up in how to make that first dollar right now.

You do need to think big, but there is no shame in starting small. Too many people get so caught up in trying to hit home runs that they never even swing the bat.

Once you make that first dollar a “switch” will go off in your mind. A transition of sorts. Making money for yourself will no longer be a dream, but a reality.

The One Dollar Experiment

Many years ago (2002) I had a Web site called the One Dollar Experiment. The goal then was to start with $1 and grow it into something much greater. It took me 6 months to get than $1 to $450 and then I quit the experiment. I was doing it more for publicity than to make money, and the publicity was non-existent.

So I thought, why not do another One Dollar Experiment?

But this time it’s your experiment. The only rule is that you have to earn $1 for yourself.

True, it’s just one dollar, but every single person in history had to start at that point. You’ll be in good company. ;)

Is one dollar worth your future, your freedom? I hope so.

You don’t need to let me know if you’re in. I want you to let me know when you succeed. You can e-mail me or post here in the comments.


Will be back in Wroclaw tomorrow and will catch up on e-mails/comments then. I’ve only responded to about 5 e-mails in the past 4 days, sorry about that!


  1. Another great post! This is a really excellent way to think about it. A couple of months ago I decided I needed multiple income streams so I set out to see if I could make a dollar through a new project. Now, I am aiming to crack $500 a month. It’s strange that the hardest part is mentally getting started. You have to figure this stuff out one step at a time and pretty soon the actual money becomes kind of irrelevant. For me, it becomes more about getting better and more efficient at what I do.

  2. It’s true! If you can make $1.00 you can make a thousand. I am working on making money online and it is a struggle but if you can do it I know I can too.

    Anyone trying to make it should buy Karol’s Freedom Fighters course. It is chocked full of usefull information that you can use to make money online.

    Thanks for all your help!

    • How soon did you managed to use those useful information and translate them into online income? My summer job is almost over, and I would like to try it, but things are getting tight with my depleting savings.

        • Thanks. I find my biggest problems are consistency and finding shit that are going wrong and fixing it promptly. Would be looking forward to check out the content in your course soon though (I don’t like to read things too early while preoccupied only to forget them later). :)

  3. Hi Karol, I assume you mean through a scalable system rather than the sucker method (trading time)? I made $20 with adsense once :) but by then my passion for the project was dwindling so I let it go. Might be time to think a little bigger. Cheers.

    • Worry about the scalable system later. First, lots of people need to just focus on making that first dollar. The first dollar/first sale mental block needs to be obliterated before moving on to something scalable.

      As far as your $20 in adsense. Was that something you could outsource? If so, boom, scalable!

  4. The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.

    A big, seemingly impossible task such as attaining financial freedom can be made less scary by breaking it up into smaller chunks, such as making your first dollar.

    This is how I started out.

    Btw Wracow is a beautiful place. I used to live near there as a youngster.

    • Hey Jon,

      Wroclaw. ;) Yes, it is beautiful here. Although maybe you’re referring to Krakow, which many people spell Cracow? Who knows! hehe

      And yes, it takes a small first step. More than that, a small first success.


  5. Great post. I think there’s even another advantage to thinking like this. Rather than filling your mind with blue sky fantasies (when I sell 20,000 copies of this idea I just had, at $19 each, wow that’s going to be $400,000!!!), instead you have to focus on the one actual, real person that will pay you a real dollar for a real product they want. And in the end that’s the product that will get you more paying customers.

  6. One of the most important lessons is to focus on the 10 sales. All grand plans, all of that, means nothing if you can’t find 10 people willing to say “You build that, I’ll pay for it.” – Doesn’t matter if its an ebook, a course, a thing or a service.

  7. Karol, this is awesome. I’d love to have known how your experiment would have gone, had it continued.

    A cool thing I’ve heard that’s been true in my experience, is that once you make a certain amount of money on your own, you now possess the ability to make that much money. It’s a “chunk” that you know you can do and you’re comfortable with. So you do it again a few times, then you take the next step out of your comfort zone. And so on.

    Great post.

    • Thanks Matt. I’m sure it would have gone very well. It just got boring. :)

      “A cool thing I’ve heard that’s been true in my experience, is that once you make a certain amount of money on your own, you now possess the ability to make that much money.” Awesome, I like that way of looking at it.

  8. Awesome article Karol, I kept this bookmarked so when I did make money, I could tell you. I’ve made my first couple of dollars online and it’s so exciting!! Do you know what I realized? This can be duplicated and it isn’t hard (I know you say that in the article but it really just struck me). Thanks for the push!

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