How To Change The World


Story time…

Last Wednesday after I finished editing Best Of 2009 article I scheduled it to post on Friday, Jan 1, 2010.

I wanted to get back into my “regular” schedule of Friday Updates and I thought a recap of 2009 would make a good post to kick off 2010.

Then I got to thinking:

“What can I do that I would consider Ridiculously Extraordinary instead of just Ordinary?”

I had a lot of fun working on the Best Of post, but I’ll be the first to admit it’s not “special.”

So then I thought…

“What can I do to help kickstart 2010 for you?”

“Even more than that, what can I do instead of a ‘How To Keep Resolutions’ type of post?”

I didn’t have the answer yet. What I did first was reschedule the Best Of post to Thursday, Dec 31.

That gave me the mental shift…

“Oh shit! OK, now I really do need to come up with something good for Jan 1. I can’t wait until my regular posting day of Tuesday…that’s January 5! Too long to wait.”

Yes, that is exactly how my brain worked. I asked it to repeat to me what I thought last week. Huh? Moving along… ;) (Seriously, do not reread that sentence, it’s confusing even me.)

Then, I did what I always do: I started free writing. Because, if I can be honest, I had no idea what I was going to post on Jan 1 yet.

I just knew it would come out, somehow, some way.

And then!

I checked my Google Reader.

I’m not sure why. Usually if I’m in the middle of a fit of writing I don’t stop to do something else.

The first article in my reader was called “What If You Never Graduate?” by Scott H Young. (You can see I commented on Scott’s article at 10:31PM Dec 30 by clicking here.)

And that cemented it. I basically stole his concept, changed the questions, and wrote the article “What If You’re Running Out Of Time?“.

In the comments section of that article Mike Long provided you with a detailed process that can change your life if you follow it.

I want to thank Mike for posting that.

That is what the Ridiculously Extraordinary Community is about. I don’t have all the answers. I don’t even have a lot of the answers. But all of us together? We can make anything happen.

What I’ve learned:

– Pushing ourselves to achieve perfection produces extraordinary results even though perfection is unattainable.

– Sometimes interruption can be inspiration. Sometimes.

The Community is where real change takes place.

The Community is why I started this site. With your help, I’m building a Ridiculously Extraordinary Community, one step at a time.

Together, we will not only change our own worlds, we will change the whole world.

Thank you for that.


Speaking of Community: I’m in Washington DC as of this afternoon until Friday afternoon. Lunch on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday? Let me know… (352) 577-0173 (leave a message if no answer) or KarolGajda AT or @KarolGajda.


  1. May we all have a ridiculously extraordinary year in 2010!

    I love how you wrestle with the possibilities. I do also. In the back of our minds we know time is a finite resource to the individual. The world will continue to turn after we are gone and time will go on for others. How do we use the time we are given to the best of our abilities?

    That is truly the community you create here. You gather many of us each week who want to have extraordinary lives. Thanks for making us think about it, and hopefully act on it.

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