How To Live Anywhere (or How To Have Ridiculously Extraordinary Freedom)


The time has come:

It has been an intense 10 days around here. In a good way. It was both exhilarating and exhausting. And, well, I’m still not done! (Monday’s Over The Shoulder Member’s Area launch!)

Besides writing at least 5,000 words for the Freedom Fighters eCourse (which I’m getting a ton of positive feedback about; thanks!), I put together about 15,000 words for How To Live Anywhere, in addition to writing a few articles (guest posts and my own) that amounted to another 5,000 words. 25,000+ words in 10 days is a new personal best.

I already stated this to the eBook launch notification e-mail list, but it probably wasn’t the best idea releasing 3 products in 7 days. :) That’s just how I roll.

The beauty of Ridiculously Extraordinary Freedom is I have the option work my ass off now and then chill out for the rest of the month (or months). The other beautiful part of Ridiculously Extraordinary Freedom is I don’t want to chill out. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I love this shit.

If you’re into it, check out How To Live Anywhere, but please read the anti-sales sales page before you order. :)

Oh, and since it’s my birthday every sale that comes through in the next 24 hours gets doubled (by me!) and sent to third world entrepreneurs via If you want to play along join the Kiva Lending Team by clicking here. Let’s get up to $5,000 in lending as a group, yeah? I tossed in $25 just now so the group doesn’t look bare. I hope to add ~$1,000 myself very very soon. ;) [EDIT: Wow! Thank you! I’ve already earmarked $1k and its only been 12 hours!]

Monday I’ll have a video (if I can upload it!) about why I don’t care if you ever buy from me and why I want you here anyway. It’s not just about me, more about how to show your appreciation for any blogger even if you don’t buy their products. I will keep posting and offering up my content no matter what. And I’m thinking about posting 3 solid articles (or videos if I can upload them!) next week to make up for the fact that the past 2 have been announcing launches of some sort.

So, with that all out of the way, check out

Whether you decide to buy or not thank you for supporting my art.


  1. The joys of a new launch…ok, so I bought it via paypal, got the confirmation, clicked on Return to Karol Gujda, got my login credentials and a link to the login page…which takes me to the sales page again.

    Charley sleepy, but hopefully it’ll be working tomorrow morning. Happy Birthday!

    • Hey Charley,

      Yeah, the script didn’t work right for the first hour or so. It’s still not working completely right but at the least the logins work now! :)

      Thanks for your support!


  2. Okay, so I wasn’t calculating the time difference, still isn’t Friday here yet. Luckily there was the email announcement. I Did the paypal thingie and got the login info however, the link to the site just takes me back to the sales page. Same problem as Charley was having.

    • hehe, that’s why I said EST and use ;)

      As far as login: it wasn’t working right for the first hour or so…it works now. You have to clear your browser’s cache/history. If you still have problems please shoot me an e-mail.

      Thanks for supporting this Glenn!


  3. Hey there Karol

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you have an awesome day.

    I missed out on the early bird special (I was out running), and by the time I got back the price was more than the $2.20 I have in my PayPal account. I added my credit card details but now I have to wait a day or two to have it verfied. How long are you still going to be selling version 0.9? I really, really want it!

    For now I’m going to put my $2 into your charity account :-)


    • Thank you Angela!

      Although I’m already hard at work on Version 1.0 it probably won’t be out for a few months so Version 0.9 will be up for a while.

      Thank you again for your support!


  4. I seriously counted down the minutes and was the first one at 10 cents! I’m sure the info will be of way greater value and look forward to supporting your endeavors more in the future! Oh, and your blog is great too! :)

  5. Hi Karol,

    First of all, happy birthday from me as well. :-)

    Just a quick question: is the subscription to your newsletter that you announced in your “Nothing is as bad as it seems” post different from the Freedom Fighters e-course?

      • That’s what I thought. It’s just that I haven’t received an e-mail so far and I keep reading about great feedback, so there must have been mail going out.

        I’ll resubscribe using another address.

        • Oh, nm…you were talking about the pre-notification list? That’s different than Freedom Fighters and the e-mail to that list went out at Midnight EST. :)

  6. Hi Karol,

    Same problem as the others. Paid up, got my name and password, but the log in just takes me back to the sales page. Tried clearing my cache/history, still no joy.

    Any ideas?

  7. Apparently I was right there with Kyle – up past my bedtime, counting down the minutes (hi-five!) I was so intent on clock-watching that the early bird email took me totally by surprise. Thanks for that, Karol! Now it’s time to dig in and have a read with my morning coffee. Cheers!

  8. I had forgotten about the launch otherwise I would have been lined up at midnight. For whatever reason, I woke up at ten after 1am and you know what I did? I flipped on my laptop and bought the ebook at $3.20. Which makes me the 32nd person! Haha, couldn’t just let me sleep eh Karol! You somehow planted subliminal messages in my mind.

    And it is your birthday today right? If so, Happy Birthday. Care to share how old? And I look forward to reading the content later on

  9. hi Karol! happy birthday!!! I just got the ebook at $12.50!! is there a downloadable format rather than reading online? because I wanted to put it on my ereader…

    • Hi Faisal,

      Thank you for checking it out! No downloadable. That was stated on the sales page and in the video. :) And on the first page on the inside. :) There WILL be a downloadable though. Just not until Version 1.0 is complete, and which time you will receive it for no extra charge.

      Thanks for the birthday wishes! :)


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