I almost feel silly posting a video about how to clean a blender.  I mean, everybody knows how to do dishes, right?

Toss them in the dishwasher (fast) or sponge them down (very time consuming).

When you're using a blender every day (to make my awesome 90 second smoothie recipe) you've got to clean it every day.  That's no fun.

I hated cleaning my blender.  But I loved drinking my smoothie.  One day it just hit me.

Use the blender's own power to make it clean itself.

First, after you've drank all the contents of the blender there's still a lot of good stuff left that won't come out with some help.  Fill your glass up halfway with water, put it in the blender, pulse a few times, and drink it.  This way you're not letting all the nutrients stuck to the sides of your blender go to waste.

Second, fill the blender about halfway with water.  Blend for 10-15 seconds and dump it out.  That was your rinse cycle.

Third, fill the blender up about halfway again.  But this time add a little bit of dishwashing soap and a cup of ice.  The soap obviously cleans the blender and the ice helps get any gunk off the blades.

Not only is this an easier way to clean your blender it's also safer than hand washing.  You never have to touch the blades and risk cutting yourself.

Need a reason to clean your blender?  Get it dirty by checking out my 90 Second Kickstart Your Day Smoothie Recipe right here.