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*No Longer Available*

How To Get 100 New Headline Ideas In Only 3 Minutes Starting From Scratch!

This headline was created using iHeadlines – Instant Blog Headline Generator. 🙂

Before we get into the details, if you came here seeking support: e-mail KarolGajda AT Gmail Dot Com

iHeadlines Home Screen

How to use iHeadlines

– Click on Generate Headlines! and you will be presented with 4 questions such as:

Question #1: What will your blog post help your reader do?
Question #3: What specific results can your reader expect?

– After answering each question tap Done. If you don’t know how to answer one of the questions you can leave it blank and tap Done. iHeadlines doesn’t use the answers to every question for every headline idea. The more questions you answer the more usable headline ideas you will have.

– When you are finished you will be presented with a menu:

Completed Headlines Menu

– Now tap one of the menu items for a list of headlines in that format based on the 4 questions you answered. Here is the first screen of headlines when I tap Questions:

First Screen of Question-Based Headlines

– At any time tap the options button in the upper right corner to Save or E-mail your headlines:

iHeadlines Options Button
iHeadlines Options Menu

Now just tap “Email to a Friend” to e-mail the headlines to one of your contacts or “Save to Disk” to save the headlines to your iPhone/iPod/iPad.

– To view your saved headlines just go back to the iHeadlines Home screen and tap View Saved Headlines.

iHeadlines Saved Headlines

– You can tap “Edit” on the Saved Headlines screen if you’d like to Delete any of your headlines.

No Hard Sell

Listen, right now this App is incredibly low cost and I think you should add it to your marketing arsenal. It’s a great headline idea generator and will get your thoughts flowing.

The “WTF Apple Why Don’t You Have A Refund Option?” Guarantee

Who offers a guarantee on an iPhone App? Nobody. Well, me! The problem with the App store is it does not allow refunds if a customer is unhappy. That is lame. Really lame. So if you’re unhappy with iHeadlines just e-mail me, tell me your Paypal address, and I will Paypal you a refund. BOOM! 😉