Justin Bieber’s House
Publication: RidiculouslyExtraordinary.
Posted by Ryan Neal
Justin Bieber’s House
Publication: RidiculouslyExtraordinary. Posted by Ryan Neal

“You know you love me, I know you care…” Do you have Bieber fever? It’s alright, admit it—we won’t tell! If you find yourself mindlessly singing along to hits like “Baby,” “Sorry” and “As Long as You Love Me,” then you just might be a Belieber, a true Justin Bieber fan. Discovered on YouTube in 2008 by a talent manager who was impressed by his covers of hit songs, Bieber instantly became a teen heartthrob and pop sensation after signing with Island Records and releasing his debut album My World in 2009. Following up his first platinum album with My World 2.0 and leaving young fans around the country belting out the lyrics to “Baby” on their carpools to school, the Canadian born singer-songwriter rose to stardom as he earned over $44.7 million in album sales in the United States alone. And to think all of this was long before he was old enough to drive.

Now 22 years old and ranked among the top 10 most powerful celebrities in the world, the award-winning Bieber is no stranger to making headlines especially when it comes to his antics of disrespect for his fans, issues dealing with the stress over his incredible fame and busy schedule, illegal activity and his tangled love life. But, as luck would have it (and proving many critics wrong), the negative press has had little impact on Bieber’s celebrity status and earnings as he continues to build his $200 million net worth while stroking his ego with a rented mansion in the prestigious Toluca Lake neighborhood of sunny Los Angeles, California.

Bringing in around $80 million each year and already turning heads for spending an outrageous $50,000 for two nights at the Versace Mansion in Miami Beach, Florida, Bieber doesn’t give a second thought to renting the 36,000 square-foot mansion for $80,000 each month (that’s right, each month!). The property, which includes four homes, has 10 lavish bedrooms and 16 bathrooms decorated in white and grey accents with the main home encompassing an impressive 13,000 square feet. Catching Bieber’s eye because of its modern and edgy design (as well as its outrageous price tag), the exterior of the home has plenty of glass and sharp angles with the interior showcasing high ceilings that stretch 12 feet and taller. But, that’s not all.

With plenty of room to relax between tours in a master bedroom that’s decorated in dark wood and metal accents, the Grammy award-winner may have an expensive place to rest his head but he and his entourage also have plenty to keep themselves entertained. Included in the $80,000 monthly rent, Bieber has access to a private dock on Toluca Lake and a 14-foot electric boat. Another perk the 22-year-old loves about his lake estate is that he can go shirtless anytime he wants whether it’s working out at the gym, hanging out in the game room and playing air hockey or pool, unwinding in the screening room to watch the latest blockbuster or taking a dip in the five-star luxury pool. He even has a spa and massage room as well as an indoor and outdoor dining room for those late night pool parties!

Telling TMZ, “I’m the Captain of my L.A. Lake House,” Bieber may have gotten into trouble with the law for his behavior in previous neighborhoods but he seems to be a model citizen in Toluca Lake. While his busy tour schedule leaves him very little free time to go home, he still manages to keep a low profile and sticks quietly to the house even when he invites his long list of friends over for an impromptu get together.

For Beliebers and un-Beliebers (whether you love him or hate him), it’s hard to deny that, for a star of his age, Bieber continues to live successfully in the spotlight despite many outrageous headlines, unbelievable antics and ongoing social media attacks especially after calling it quits with the talented and gorgeous Selena Gomez. And, while his fans may no longer get a glimpse of his lavish life of luxury at Lake Toluca or on tour since his hiatus from Instagram, the world already knows just how wild and crazy Bieber’s life in the spotlight truly is pictures or not, which just might make us all Beliebers in one way or another.