What Is Your Greatest Personal Social Challenge?
Publication: RidiculouslyExtraordinary.
Posted by Ryan Neal
What Is Your Greatest Personal Social Challenge?
Publication: RidiculouslyExtraordinary. Posted by Ryan Neal

I'm interested in - no, I need - your answers to this question. Pretend it's my life's blood and if you don't offer a response you kill a piece of me.

I don't wanna die, so please don't kill me!

Unless it's with kindness. I think I can handle that. Maybe. I don't know. I should stop this now lest you think I'm crazy and/or you stop reading. Either one would be utterly heartbreaking.

That's a lie. Some would say you can't get blood from my heart of stone. Just kidding. There's nothing like this coming back to bite me in the ass some day in the future: "Karol, remember what you wrote that one time? Well it's true, you're a heartless bastard!" We don't want that, now do we? I don't want that anyway.

What just happened here?

Moving on ...

What is a social challenge?

It's something you do in public that pushes you. Maybe it's embarrassing. Maybe it's a little bit culturally unacceptable. Maybe it forces you to be outgoing instead of shy. Maybe it's just plain weird. The main rule is that it has to be done in a social environment.


  • Laying down in the middle of a busy walkway for 15 seconds is a social challenge.
  • Saying "hi" to 100 people in a day is a social challenge.
  • Saying "hi" to 100 members of the opposite sex is a social challenge. (Err, or same sex if that's your ticket. It's all good!)
  • Enticing a girl/guy to ask you for your number (as opposed to you asking them) is a social challenge.
  • OK fine, asking them can be a social challenge as well. (I don't want to put any limits on your answers.)
  • Going to a bar/club/event of any sort by yourself (meaning, you don't know anybody who will be there) is a social challenge.
  • Punching a cop and not getting thrown in a holding cell is a social challenge.
  • Preaching on a soap box with a megaphone at a busy intersection is a social challenge.
  • Going down the street shirtless in a pink tutu and roller skates ... is very Reno 911-esque ... and it's a social challenge.
  • Starting a public protest is a social challenge.
You get the idea.

What sort of challenge will stretch a person? Expand their comfort zone until there is no longer a zone to be uncomfortable with?

Here's a good way to come up with a social challenge: Think about what scares you. Then share it with our community in the comments. (Or tell us about what doesn't scare you, but maybe scares other people. Or maybe just come up with whatever!)

Keep in mind: The type of social challenge I'm looking for is actionable. "Do this..." "Say this..." Get specific.

If you've got more than one, share them all. They can be as simple or as involved as you'd like.

If you have a personal anecdote to go along with a challenge, share that as well.

There is a reason I'm asking for this. I will personally do some of your challenges. Make 'em good!