Sweet Salamander Saturday #018 (Big Plans Edition)
Publication: RidiculouslyExtraordinary.
Posted by Ryan Neal
Sweet Salamander Saturday #018 (Big Plans Edition)
Publication: RidiculouslyExtraordinary. Posted by Ryan Neal

I decided to start eating meat, but only salamander. It's the ultimate super food and they don't have nervous systems or brains so it's basically like a plant. You could literally live off of just salamander since it provides every single nutrient your body needs in precisely the right proportions.

Kidding. About all of that. ;) I got sick of using Sweet Shit Saturday so you've probably noticed I've been replacing Shit with whatever other random "S" word I can think of at the time of writing. :)

Onward with Big Plans! Michigan, Vegas, Austin, Brazil and more!

As you probably already know I'm heading back to the US in October. What you probably didn't know was that I planned on leaving in early November and heading to Curitiba, Brazil, Bogota, Colombia, or Panama City, Panama.

Curitiba is supposed to be one of the most bike friendly cities in the world and that will help if I'm training. Do you know anyone in Curitiba? Figure I'd start the apartment hunting sooner rather than later. :)

But I'm actually not planning on leaving the US until early January now. Here's the deal ...

I'm heading to Michigan on September 29. This was originally going to be October 1, but my friends are playing at the Magic Stick in Detroit on October 1 and I wanted to hang. So I tried to find a flight on September 30. That didn't work. September 29 it is!

I decided that after Blog World (Oct 14-16) I'm going to hang out in Austin, TX (still my favorite city in the world) for ~2 months so I can play with my kitty Jessie every day. I saved Jessie when she was a sick, dying stray after Hurricane Charley and I miss her. Then I'll head back to Michigan for the holidays, including an annual New Year's Eve party with a bunch of my favorite people. THEN I'll head to somewhere in Central or South America. Most likely Curitiba, but still undecided. :)

It feels weird to plan so much life so far in advance.

Sweeeeeeeet salamanderssssssssss ...

Template : Magazine by Ross Hill

Don't let the lack of a catchy title fool you, this is a great post. In it Ross explains why he doesn't have comments on his blog and why his blog theme is so simple. I've been considering shutting off comments here (besides just on Saturdays) as a test. I love interacting in the comments (as you know), but I love testing and it would be interesting to see what would happen.

Bonus from Ross Hill's blog: Traveling lightly across the world with 35 things

FREE eBook: Minimalist Workday - 50 Strategies For Working Less by Everett Bogue

Just go download this free eBook now. Even if you're like me and you love to write all day long you'll get some good stuff out of it.

Is there a way to make an arrow point up? ^ <-- is that good enough? What I'm trying to say is go, go, go download. If I could hold your hand and click on the link I would, but I can't! As much as I know you'd love that. ;) haha, OK, too far ...

If You Don't Ask, The Answer Is Always No by Adam Baker

Guess who's back? It's not Slim Shady. Baker's back up in the cut and posting his sick wit. Enough rap mumbo jumbo. What I'm saying is, Baker's writing rules and it's good to see him posting again!

Consider This by Danny Brown

Short, powerful article. Just how I like them. :) I need to work on a few of these things, especially the first on the list.

The Art of Enough and Fake Abundance by Jonathan Mead

If you're an HTLA member you already know how much Jonathan rules because I interviewed him for the course. This article is especially relevant to me currently. And he doesn't even mention the word scarcity. :)

How Much Are Your Visitors Worth? Google Will Tell You ... For Free! by Karol Gajda ;)

This is a post I did for my friend Corbett Barr's site. If you have a blog or Web site and you're currently selling anything or plan to in the future this is a must read article. Or else I wouldn't have written it (ha!). ;)

Ethical Marketing

Speaking of Corbett, on Tuesday he's releasing his Ethical Affiliate Marketing For Beginners Course. It's actually only called Affiliate Marketing For Beginners. I added the "Ethical" because, like myself, Corbett preaches doing good stuff and not selling crap. Yes, there is a ton of money to be made selling shady stuff online. But you know what? There's also a ton of money to be made selling stuff that people want and will love.

I'll tell you more about Corbett's course on Tuesday if you're a Freedom Fighter. Look out for that e-mail! If you were interested in getting my Zero To First Affiliate Sale Course then especially look out for that e-mail. ;)

If you're not a Freedom Fighter then what are you waiting for?! Here are 7 Reasons You Should Be A Freedom Fighter. ;)

That's it for this week. I hope your weekend is kicking ass! See you Monday ...