A couple months back, the 21st of February to be exact, Steve Pavlina wrote an article that really connected with me. I've been reading his stuff on and off for about 4 years now and while I don't always agree with him, I respect that he's so clear and open about his life.

(Speaking of Steve Pavlina, I'm tentatively planning on being in Vegas for his October 29-31 workshop. Join us? You can bet my Halloween costume will be ridiculous.)

The article in question is called How To Order.

I've read it a few times (and again just now) and I've been thinking about it a lot since February. In a way, it's similar to my Mind Control Method. But it's different. And it's public. And I'm going to place an order in the paragraphs that follow. ;)

In this article Steve (we're on a first name basis now? sure...) talks about the Universal Restaurant. Just like a food restaurant, to get what you want at the Universal Restaurant, you have to place a specific order.

You wouldn't walk into a pizza place and state "I'd like a pizza" without saying exactly what kind of pizza you want, right?

So when setting goals or synthesizing dreams, why do so many of us make vague statements like "I want a lot of money" or "I want a hot girlfriend/boyfriend"? It just doesn't make sense.

Don’t ask for a romantic partner. If you want a geeky, vegan, bisexual, happily jobless girlfriend who gives amazing blow jobs and loves to travel, then order that. Order it loudly enough so your waiter can hear you, and people at nearby tables will say, “I didn’t know that was on the menu. I’ll have one of those too… with a twist of lemon.” (excerpt from How To Order)
The best part about ordering is you don't have to be perfect: "One of the best ways to get what you actually want is to take your best guess, and order it."

It might not turn out quite right, much like when you order something at a restaurant and your dish isn't exactly what you wanted. That's OK. There will be other meals. Accept the order you placed and move on.

"Here are the rules: Decide what you want, order it, receive it, and digest it. It’s not rocket science. Don’t make it complicated."

Thanks Steve.

So here's my order with the Universal Restaurant:

"A geeky, vegan, bisexual, happily jobless girlfriend who gives amazing blow jobs and loves to travel." HA! Kidding. ;)

I feel like reading that the first time might have made you uncomfortable. It's easier to read the second time, yeah?

So here's my actual order:

A tall, musically-inclined, skinny, vegan, minimalist, atheist, working from anywhere (or quitting-the-job-soon) girl who will challenge me, isn't older than me, and who likes to (or would like to) travel the world and go on lots of rollercoasters (literal and figurative).
Although let's not get crazy Universe. By tall I mean woman-tall not me-tall. 6'5" (~195cm) would be too tall. ;) Based on the order, it's assumed this woman is not in credit card debt and has the ability to live/work anywhere. Since assuming is a bad way to place an order, I just made it clear. To make it even more clear: I'm not going the married/with boyfriend route Universe. That has happened 2 too many times. ha! So, single please.

That was a rambling order, but sometimes food restaurant orders are rambling as well. That doesn't mean they don't turn out spectacularly.

I know what I'm ordering is incredibly rare, and I don't even know if I'll like the meal, but that's the whole point. I'll let you know what happens. :)

Want to place your order for anything at all? Since the order has to be loud (meaning, public) you can place it in the comments below. Or place your order on your own blog and link to it in the comments below for the rest of us to read.

Onward with sweet links!

Man-Powerin' Across Michigan by Jason Leyrer

If I can't use my blog to highlight something cool one of my oldest friends is doing then what good is it? About a year ago Jason and I talked about doing a bike ride from Chicago (his current home) to Detroit (our former home). Then I decided to leave the country. The awesome thing about Jason is he doesn't give a shit. He's going solo!

And even better, Jason's raising money for prostate cancer research. If you're so inclined, please support! BONUS: If you e-mail me your receipt I'll send you a copy of How To Live Anywhere. Figgity-fantastic, chyeah? (Unrelated but related: I wrote about a trip I took with Jason, and another friend Adam, here: The Persistent Shower Companion or Early Mornings At The Munich Airport.)

Seven Weird Habits That Will Change Your Life by Jonathan Mead

I think we have a theme today. Jonathan's first habit is "engage in time travel" and, in a way, it's similar to my Mind Control Method. But again, like Steve Pavlina's How To Order, it's different. :)

How To Practice Walking Meditatation by Tammy Strobel

I did this regularly in India and it felt amazing. I haven't done it much in Thailand. Err, not at all in Thailand. It's not a priority, but it is a valuable experience none-the-less.

James Randi's fiery takedown of psychic fraud on TED.com

I'm pretty sure James Randi would hate the "How To Order from the Universe" information above considering the content of this video. Or maybe not. Psychics are frauds. Ordering from the Universe (and my Mind Control Method) works for other reasons and it's not rooted in the "supernatural."

The 8 Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers by Annabel Candy

My favorite is #7: Effective bloggers are persistent. This holds true for anything you want in life. I've known Annabel since her blog had something like 200 subscribers. She's up to about 1,300 now! Congrats Annabel!

The "Do What You Love Show" Episode 3: Speaking 7 Languages With Benny Lewis by Baker

I had the pleasure of being on the first Do What You Love show back when I met up with Baker (ManVsDebt.com) in New Zealand last December. I still haven't met Benny, although he's in Berlin and I might just it make it out there for a bit this Summer. Baker and Benny are two of my favorite people. No joke. Here they are in one place!

Questions/comments/wanna sing outlaw lullabies? You know what to do ...