Sweet Shit Saturday #006 (Into The Wild Edition)
Publication: RidiculouslyExtraordinary.
Posted by Ryan Neal
Sweet Shit Saturday #006 (Into The Wild Edition)
Publication: RidiculouslyExtraordinary. Posted by Ryan Neal

As you know if you read Thursday's article I've been hanging out 50km outside of Wroclaw, Poland. To get more specific, I'm basically in the middle of nowhere. There are not many people here. Very few cars pass by the house. It's quiet. It's serene. I love it. But I'm a bigger city person and am back in Wroclaw as of about 37 minutes ago. :)

Let's get right into the sweet, sweet, links!

Empire Building Kit by Chris Guillebeau

This was first launched last month and is being re-released for 24 hours Tuesday. During the first release last month I bought the middle option ... I think it's called Hail Caesar. :) I'll be sending more insider info about building Empires to the Freedom Fighters on Tuesday. So if you're thinking about buying this, wait for that e-mail to find out:

a) Whether you should or shouldn't spend your hard earned dollars. (It's not for everybody, and it may not be for you.) b) What I like and don't like.  (Nothing is perfect, and nothing has all the answers.) c) How to build an empire without spending a lot of money. (Yes, it is possible.) d) A bonus I'm not revealing publicly. (Sweet, sweet, bonus!)

If you're not already a Freedom Fighter sign up below this article or to the right on the sidebar and look out for an e-mail on Tuesday with the subject: "[FF] - Rome wasn't built in a day."

Letting Go of Attachment, from A To Zen by Lori Deschene

Lori usually writes on, but here she hits us with a great article on I'm a practitioner of detachment although that wasn't always the case. My favorite part of this article is G, Go it alone sometimes. I know far too many people who don't know how to hang out with themselves for 5 minutes, much less a longer period of time, and it's important to grasp this concept.

6 Steps That Get Big Shots To Answer Your E-mail by Pace Smith

I'm a fan of big shots answering their e-mail. :) And you'll see that Pace states many of the same things I stated in Fear of Competition Is Bullshit (or Why Competition Is Your Friend). Most importantly, keep it short and on point.

I'm Going Bankrupt by Jonathan Volk

Jonathan is not really going bankrupt. In fact, he has pulled in over $1,000,000 in revenue using just Facebook Ads in the past 10 months. No, this article is a thought exercise. "What would happen if I went bankrupt?" The most important point in this article is "focus." I've been paying attention to Jonathan for a couple of years. He's a smart dude. :)

The Difference: Living Well vs Doing Well by Rolf Potts

Before I state anything else you should know that I think Rolf Potts may just be the greatest author/writer/putter-of-words-to-paper of my generation. His book Vagabonding got my ass in gear to explore the world. His other book Marco Polo Didn't Go There is a beautiful insight into the genius behind his writing. Actually, that's all I'm going to write. Go read this article, and go read his books! ;) (I give out Vagabonding as a gift like it's candy. Seriously, go to the library or Amazon or eBay or Paperbackswap and read it.)

That's all for this week. This coming Monday's article is about living your dreams vs chasing dreams. I wrote the first draft in Cairns, Australia 6 months ago, but never felt comfortable posting it. You'll see why ... or maybe it's all just in my head! :) See you soon ...