Sweet Shit Saturday #009 (Business Building Edition)
Publication: RidiculouslyExtraordinary.
Posted by Ryan Neal
Sweet Shit Saturday #009 (Business Building Edition)
Publication: RidiculouslyExtraordinary. Posted by Ryan Neal

(That photo is supposed to be funny...or double entendre-esque. It's a photo of a business building, but what I'm referring to in the title of this post is building a business. Why am I explaining myself? Did I just confuse you? I confused myself. Should I stop talking to myself via my own blog? Did I just enter a wormhole? Science, help me.)

We're getting so close to launch for How To Live Anywhere! Next Tuesday, June 8, 10:30am EST! I am really happy about what I've created. I'm not sure if I've ever been as pleased with a work of my own art as this course. (note: the course is now available!)

I was talking with my mastermind group a few days ago and straight up said "I'm putting so much into this I have no idea what I'll be able to create for my next product." Which is fine by me. My goal is to wow everybody who looks at How To Live Anywhere, and I'm sure I've done it.

Even Charlie, the awesome designer who is creating the PDF guides for me, said "I love your affiliate guide. It is really really good. I read the whole thing and am reading it again tonight because it's full of straightforward info. Dig it." The affiliate guide he's referring to is a 12 page guide called The Anatomy of a 4 Figure Affiliate Promotion that is part of the How To Live Anywhere course. Everybody who has seen this guide has had nothing but positive things to say. I'm loving this!

Here's a sneak peak at the cover design Charlie created for the core How To Live Anywhere guide:

Charlie rules.

Let's get into some links, shall we? Today we're focusing on business building ...

How To Live Anywhere Pre-Launch

I've shared some fun business lessons with you this week. The comments/tweets/e-mails you've made were all so awesome. Thank you!

Monday - How I Created My First 6-Figure Business For $119.40

Thursday - Why I Quit (or How To Go From $10k/month to $0/month Overnight)

This coming Monday - The Thrill of $10k In A Day (and Why Monetary Goals Are Worthless)

Business Lessons From Around The Blogosphere

Launch Lessons Learned: Q&A With Nathan Hangen of Beyond Blogging by Dave Navarro

Considering this is pre-launch week (like shark week ... but without the sharks, and with more pre, whatever that is ... Prefontaine?) this was a good article to read.  I don't necessarily agree with the sentiment about launches being tiring though. Lots of stuff to do? Yes. Last minute tweaks and lots and lots and lots of e-mail conversations. Plus writing guest posts and answering interviews. I love it. It's what Seth Godin might call a sprint. Not sustainable over the long haul, but definitely sustainable for a few days/weeks.

Frazzled? Overwhelmed? Try Creating a Product Roadmap by Erica Douglass

I've been following Erica's blog for a long time. When she was 26 she sold a Web hosting company for $1.1 million and then started sharing her knowledge with the world. Rock! If you've been unsure or overwhelmed as far as product creation goes, this article will help. Erica is planning on releasing 10 products this year (whoa!) and this is her process.

How To Organize A Sales Page To Avoid Overwhelm by Mark Silver

Wow, perfect timing on this. I'm a good sales page copy writer (like anything, lots of practice helps), but I've never been good at the actual layout of pages. The collapsible elements Wordpress plugin that Mark mentions looks like an awesome option for making the layout less overwhelming. I may try it for Tuesday, although I very well may not. We might both be surprised! :)

Buck Up and Make The Decision by Annie Sorensen

This is a video post and Annie states exactly what I'm a huge advocate of. Stop making excuses, start taking action. When it comes to starting a business, you just have to decide you want it, and stop making excuses about why you can't make it happen.

Mass Engagement: How To Get Hundreds of Tweets & Comments On Your Blog Posts by Glen Allsopp

Glen really rocks it hard on a regular basis, and this article is no exception. If you're wondering how he gets such a large amount of tweets and comments on his blog posts and how you can do the same, then check this out.

That's all for this week. I hope you're getting value out of this pre-launch. As you can see I'm not hard selling and even if you don't plan to buy anything from me the articles are legitimate lessons, not disguised sales pitches. It's basically like any other time on this blog, only the articles are all business focused.

Questions/comments/want to build empires (complete with real castles and moats!) together? You know what to do ...