Sweet Shit Saturday #010 (Giving Thanks Edition)
Publication: RidiculouslyExtraordinary.
Posted by Ryan Neal
Sweet Shit Saturday #010 (Giving Thanks Edition)
Publication: RidiculouslyExtraordinary. Posted by Ryan Neal

As promised, lots of people to thank for the How To Live Anywhere launch on Tuesday!

If you're new here, every Saturday I write about awesome articles I've found around the Web. Usually it's not focused on me. I am not that selfish or egotistical. :) But, this week was a little different, so I'm giving myself some leeway. ;)

The launch went exceedingly well. I didn't sell out of the fast action bonus in one day like I had thought, but that's OK. I know if I had used false scarcity I would have, but this course will be available forever! :)

Two affiliates had their best ever net income 24 hours online during the first 24 hours of launch. That is just awesome and I'm thrilled to have been a part of their success. I'm going to be sending affiliates a huge chunk of change next month and that feels great. (Currently, the affiliate program is only open to How To Live Anywhere members.)

If you didn't already know, I believe in treating affiliates like the Kings and Queens they are. Most product owners have never been affiliates and don't understand what it's like. From 10:30am EST until Midnight EST on launch day I gave away pretty much all profits to affiliates. Meaning, commissions were set at 95%, so after Paypal fees and affiliate commissions I was making only $1-$2 per affiliate sale and loving every minute of it. :)

You may have seen a few articles/interviews/mentions around the Web, but if not, here they are ...

Thank you. You rock for being here.

How To Live Anywhere Members

Obviously, thank you! I have been getting amazing feedback from you and it makes me even more thrilled that I actually released this course. :)

Guest Posts

I wrote two guest posts for launch day. Ideally, I would have liked to write more, but it just didn't work out that way.

The Absolute Beginner's Guide To Starting A Small Online Business on

How To Start A Revolution (or 3 Ways To Change The World) on

Thank you Leo and Ash for allowing me to write for your awesome blogs!


Sweet! I did a couple of text interviews for launch day ...

How To Live Anywhere With Everett Bogue at

This is the second time Everett has interviewed me. I also interviewed him (in audio form) for HTLA. But you already know that if you bought it. :) Thanks Everett! (Everett is releasing his Minimalist Business guide on June 15. I'm sending the audio interview I did with him to my Freedom Fighters on that day. For nothing. No obligation to purchase. You get the audio interview as my thanks for being a Freedom Fighter, which is also free.)

How To Live Your Dreams, From Anywhere With Tammy Strobel at

Tammy was nice enough to throw some awesome questions at me. :) We get into some detail about Limiting Beliefs. It's an important conversation. Tammy also gave her Simply Car Free eBook and consulting time for everybody who purchased HTLA through her. Thanks Tammy!

Reviews / Mentions

Wooohooo! Quite a few reviews/mentions.

How To Live Anywhere - By WA Christopher J.

I've known Jim for ~10 years. We used to play basketball and rock together in good ole Sterling Heights, MI. He is currently on The Eternal Roadtrip in a car with 200,000 miles. He also writes literary masterpieces.

I'm Not Dead I'm Just Working On A Product (And Giving It Away Free For 24 Hours) by Corbett Barr

Corbett gave away his upcoming affiliate marketing course for free to anybody who purchased HTLA in the first 24 hours! Thanks Corbett!

Let's Talk Freedom by Henri Junttila

Henri gave way both of his eBooks + an hour of consulting for everybody who bought HTLA through him. Awesome, thanks Henri!

How To Live Anywhere by David Damron

David gave away (I believe) every single one of his eBooks. In return, he had a great sales day. :) Thanks David!

A Minimalist Living Movie Vision Board by Charley Forness

Charley not only is giving away one of his upcoming products with HTLA purchase, but he also provided a video testimonial based on his success with HTLA. (I released Version 0.9 of HTLA on March 5, 2010 and he got it back then.)

How To Live Anywhere - A Review by Anthony Feint

Anthony actually reviewed the original Version 0.9 after he bought it back in March. Then he re-reviewed the new complete course. Thanks for that Anthony!

How To Live Anywhere and Enjoy Ridiculously Extraordinary Freedom by Ivan Campuzano

I've only recently connected with Ivan and he wrote a great review of HTLA. Thanks Ivan!

How To Live Anyfrigginwhere Like A Boss by Greg Rollett

Greg wasn't able to write a review for launch day because he had his own product launch going, but then he wrote a review anyway! Greg's launch is, a way to get your band's Web site online with a sweet looking wordpress site in ~12 minutes. (Yes, there is video proof.)

How to Live and Work Anywhere by Rosalind Gardner

I've known Rosalind for probably 8 years but lost touch with her (and lots of other people) about 5 years ago. Rosalind wrote  a great write up of our recent conversation (I won 2 hours of consulting time with her in an Affiliate Summit charity auction, my way of getting back in touch while helping a good cause, hehe) and a review of HTLA. Thank you Rosalind!

Live and Work from Anywhere by Rasheed Hooda

Rasheed was an early adopter and got Version 0.9 of HTLA back in March. He wrote this review and also picked up the upgraded Long Haul HTLA. Thanks Rasheed!

Free Love Friday by Melissa Gorzelanczyk

Melissa gave me a shout out on her weekly Friday link round-up! Thanks Melissa. linked on his site under Featured Products I Love.

Baker rules. Thanks Baker! linked on the side bar.

Abhishek e-mailed me and asked if he could put a 125x125 button on his Web site for my course without the affiliate link. He simply likes what I'm doing and wanted to help out. Thanks Abhishek, that is so cool!

Thanks to John Reese for sending a shout out to his crew yesterday! (Also, there's an epic 45 minute interview with John in HTLA Long Haul so thanks for that too John!)

If I somehow missed you then I am a buttface. But send me an e-mail and I'll be sure to give you credit ASAP! I will probably also kiss the ground you walk on and throw rice at random newlyweds. Just because I can.

Other Thanks

Thanks to Benny Lewis, Jonathan Mead, Jim Cockrum, Grace Gardner (no Web site rock star!), Brian Evans, and Lisa Sonora Beam for allowing me to interview them for HTLA! And thanks again to Leo Babauta, John Reese, Everett Bogue, Henri Junttila who I already thanked above, but who also allowed me to interview them! :)

Thank you to Charlie at for kicking ass on the 5 HTLA PDF guides, the 125x125 button (it's in my sidebar to your right) and also for hooking up some things on the sales page at the last minute.

Thanks to my Mastermind Group, because without their accountability and insights I might not be getting as much done as I have been.

Twitter + Testing/Tracking Nerd Alert!

There were a ton of mentions on twitter! I'm not sure how to thank all of them although I did respond to every tweet (I think) so if you tweeted you got thanks that way. :)

Interestingly, lots of people linked directly to the course and Twitter traffic made 3 sales! (The math nerd in me loves tracking these things. It's a good business quality as well.)

Minimalist Testing/Tracking

In Everett Bogue's Minimalist Business guide (mentioned earlier, available June 15 and that's not an affiliate link) I wrote an article about minimalist tracking. It's actually very easy to set up for most sites. For Wordpress it's a little bit trickier, but still doable. If enough people are interested I will send Everett an update on how to set up tracking for Wordpress. It takes ~15 minutes from start to finish if you're using Thesis Theme. Just a tad bit longer (and just a bit of technical knowhow) if you're using a free theme.

Lots of people don't seem to realize the power in testing/tracking and how simple it is to set up. For example, I know that has so far sent me 9 HTLA Long Haul Version sales with a conversion rate of 3.08%. Should I focus more on Google rankings? Probably a great idea. That's ~$950 in profit from completely free traffic! Thanks for the free plane ticket to almost anywhere Google. ;)

Whoa, tangent! If you're new here know that I go on lots of those ...

Talk soon.

And thank you!