Sweet Shit Saturday #035 (The Future Is Now Edition)
Publication: RidiculouslyExtraordinary.
Posted by Ryan Neal
Sweet Shit Saturday #035 (The Future Is Now Edition)
Publication: RidiculouslyExtraordinary. Posted by Ryan Neal

I'm not much of a planner. In fact, I don't usually enjoy planning at all. Planning the future and living in the present is an interesting situation, but sometimes you gotta do it. :)

Thursday I spent all day planning 4 months of my life, from Late May - until September and I actually felt a sense of excitement doing so. I'm still working on the specific dates, but so far I know I'll be visiting 83 places in 72 cities in 33 United States, and one city in the United Arab Emirates. (And that doesn't include a stop in Portland, OR for World Domination Summit.) If you know what I'm up to (5,000+ people do know, but it's still fairly secret) please keep it quiet for now. I'll officially announce it in 2011. I'm doing something extraordinarily fun that I'm 99.99% sure nobody has attempted before. And I'm doing this big with a separate website (it took me 2 years of pleading to buy the domain from the guy who owned it for 9 years), sponsors (to offset the ~$25k estimated price tag of the trip), and fun times. And I hope to meet you along the way if our schedules align. Woohoo!

But first things first, I still haven't announced what I'm up to January - March. That'll be announced after I finalize details. Nothing is final until details are finalized. ;)

How about some sweet links?

How To Love Your Readers To Death by Pat Flynn

I love you. Also, Pat rules.

Birke Baehr: What's Wrong With Our Food System on TED

Birke is an 11 year old bad ass.

Horror Stories by Steven Pressfield

"To be passive is to die."

Interview with Jake Nickell of Threadless by Chris Garrett

Although I've never, to my knowledge, purchased anything from Threadless, I've known about and respected the company for years. It's one of those rare companies that just screams "awesome." I think that's because it's based on such a win/win/win model. (Win for artists, win for customers, win for the business.) A win/win is good. A win/win/win is great. That's why the 72 hour sales are so fun. They truly are a win/win/win. (Actually, if you include all the money we raise for charity, they're a win/win/win/win!)

Focus On A Freedom Fighter #004: Leslie Cao

Leslie is officially the youngest Freedom Fighter who has ever contacted me. She's smarter at 15 than I am at 29. Leslie runs the site Radical Turtle: Teenage Experiments In Personal Development, Health, and Minimalism.

If you'd like to be featured in this section you gotta join the Freedom Fighters and wait for the "get featured" e-mail in 45 days. :)

On to Leslie ...

Karol: Why did you join Freedom Fighters?

Leslie: I joined because I already enjoyed your awesome content on your website so I was interested in what you offered to your email list titled "Freedom Fighters."

K: How has Freedom Fighters helped you?

L: Freedom Fighters has helped me learn many new affiliate marketing techniques and provided me examples of different ways to provide useful content. You pack a lot of actionable and helpful content with honesty and without fillers or fluff which I find extremely refreshing. It's a push, a reminder of what we're able to do.

K: What are your goals with your website?

L: My goals for my website are to have fun, be adventurous, and document my insight and journey while letting go of emotional baggage. It really makes me happy when I see what I put out there has helped others with their own realizations.

K: Is there anything in particular you'd like to tell the world?

L: Become aware. Become aware of the environmental impact you have on the planet, become aware of those nagging feelings tugging away at your body, and become aware of the power you wield over your own life. Once you have awareness, it's your choice of what to do from then on.

Thank you Leslie! Again, check out Leslie at

That's it for this week. I'm heading to Michigan on Wednesday. Whoa, my time in Austin flew by. See ya Monday!