When I first started on twitter a few years ago I followed everybody who followed me. Then I turned off follow notifications because they cluttered up my inbox and I didn't pay much attention to who followed me. Then I unfollowed almost everybody and started from scratch. Now, I follow 120 people (this changes regularly, but is generally in this vicinity). This makes it easy to actually pay attention to the stream. I refuse to use a desktop app to "better utilize" (i.e. waste more time on) twitter. I use the Web. Meaning I log in whenever the mood strikes.

I'm going to test something out. Some of my experiments seem to go haywire, but I like to try them anyway. I'm going to follow back anybody who follows me. Just send me an @KarolGajda message to let me know I'm not following a bot and I'll click that Follow button. Or you can retweet this article with @KarolGajda somewhere in the tweet and I will follow you. Let's see how this pans out. :)

Three things that will make twitter better:

1) Use your real name / photo.

2) Showcase some of yourself instead of just sharing other people's stuff.

3) Keep tweets to a respectable number. If you're tweeting in the double digits every day you are tweeting too much. Yes, I said it. :) (This doesn't include @ replies, of course. I'm talking broadcast tweets.)

ze links:

How To Organize An International Adventure by Tyler Tervooren

Good golly Miss Molly is this an outstanding run down of how to plan an adventure. What more can I say? If you're interested in any kind of travel check this out.

Tools of the Empire - 7 "Healthy" Foods That Actually Suck by Steve Kamb

So many people lie to themselves into "healthy eating" by eating all of this junk and getting fatter and lazier.

I Kicked Ass In 2010 ... Watch Me Do It Again In 2011 by Adam Baker

If you want the full transparency of how to go from $200/month with your blog to an average of $6,000/month in one year read this.

Good Ideas Are Worthless by Mark Lawrence

I met up with Mark at Nada a few days ago. He's working on a startup that sounds really exciting and I could feel his passion when he talked about it.

10,000 Random Acts of Greatness by Matt Gartland

I met Matt at BlogWorld and when he told me about his 10,000 Random Acts of Greatness project I had a feeling it would be really cool. I was right. Matt rocks.

Cool Discovery - Paper-Feet.com

This company upcycles billboards into sandals. They don't have any in my size right now, but I will likely get a pair since they are so travel-friendly.

I'm planning on a few things in the coming week or two. 1) My updated updated light packing list. There isn't a ton of change, but I believe an update is in order none-the-less. 2) Ridiculously Extraordinary Insights Volume 1, which was supposed to be completed last month. It's about 7,000 words. Not sure if I should make this a blog post or a download. Download means design and that will take extra time.

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P.S. Did you hear I'm undate-able? ;)