Sweet Shit Saturday #043 (2 Months Late Edition)
Publication: RidiculouslyExtraordinary.
Posted by Ryan Neal
Sweet Shit Saturday #043 (2 Months Late Edition)
Publication: RidiculouslyExtraordinary. Posted by Ryan Neal

Somehow, some way, I haven't done a Sweet Shit Saturday since February 26! SXSW and then leaving commitments for 3 weeks got in the way. :)

There have been so many great things I've read in the recent past it's tough to pick just a few. But like a mother bear protecting her young I will do what needs to be done. Wait, am I trying to say I'll fight you? Whoa. You know what? This is coming out all wrong. But it doesn't need to come out right because ...


The Fear-Crushing Travel Guide by Farnoosh Brock

If you've met Farnoosh you know what an amazingly dynamic personality she is. I don't meet many people who exude positivity from ever fiber of their being, but Farnoosh is definitely one of those people. I'm trying to think if I've ever seen her not smile. Anyway, a couple months back Farnoosh interviewed me for the Fear-Crushing Travel Guide. It's a paid product and she put her heart and soul into it. (This is not an affiliate link. My payment is in the fact that I know it will inspire you to crush your fears, travel and otherwise.) Additional note: If you'll be at BlogWorld East in May (I won't be there) Farnoosh will be speaking about motivation.

An Insight into the Traffic on by Anthony Feint

Anthony builds web apps. Beautifully simple web apps like In this short article he discusses the traffic levels of getting linked from TechCrunch and also presenting at a conference. If you're fascinated by nerd stuff like me you'll like it. :)

276,112 by Joe Konrath

I'm in the process of publishing on Kindle so I've been doing an insane amount of research on the topic. Joe Konrath has sold 276,112 self published eBooks and there's a lot to be learned from someone who has done that. On a side note: I won't be announcing what I'm doing on Kindle publicly, but if you're in the Freedom Fighters you'll hear about it soon enough.

Leveling Up - Building An Audience Is Kind of Like Playing a Video Game by Christopher Sharpe

Great insight into what it takes to build an audience for a video web series. Useful whether you want to do that or not. Bonus: I interviewed Christopher and Hilah from right here.


I wrote some things about the upcoming Roller Coaster Tour in case you haven't checked that out yet --> Logistics and Layer Cakes