Earlier this week, one of your fellow Freedom Fighters, Marilia from TrippingMom.com, emailed me with a fantastic suggestion.

Your link this Saturday to a new blog that's made by a Freedom Fighter gave me an idea.

Maybe you could make a list of the Freedom Fighter's blogs and send it to the mailing list.

I love that idea! So this week (Thursday or Friday), if you're a Freedom Fighter who has gone through the whole course (it's over 20 lessons now), you will get an e-mail asking you a series of questions about your blog/Web site.

If you don't have one yet, just save the e-mail for future reference.

Over time, I will highlight different Freedom Fighter blogs via the Freedom Fighters e-mail membership or right here in a Freedom Fighter section on Sweet Shit Saturdays.

The only way to get in on this is to be a Freedom Fighter and then respond to the e-mail. Please don't e-mail me asking to get in on this any other way than by responding to that e-mail.

If you haven't become a Freedom Fighter yet click here now, there is no time like the present.

Wow ... all of that was so staid and technical. :)

Thanks again for the idea Marilia!

Now before I turn into Ben Stein let's get to some sweet links!

How Much Money Do You Need To Start A Life Of Travel? by Derek Earl Baron

This basically obliterates any excuse you have not to travel if what you want to do with your life is travel.

In30Days.net by Rich Staats

I like Rich. I don't know Rich. But I like Rich. He took the JetBlue All You Can Fly promo and turned it into something sweet. So he gets a sweet link. (If JetBlue does this again while I'm in the US I have an idea I've been wanting to do for a couple years. I guess there's no sense in writing about it until then. :) )

9 Nomadic Principles For Everyday Life by Raam Dev

Well, I just love this and I'm not going to sully it with my own description.

How To Re-Ignite Your Blogging Fire When You're Feeling Burnt Out by Glen Allsopp

There were lots of articles on burnout in the past week. I'm not sure why, but I guess September is National Burnout Month. Not the kind of burnout that skips school and smokes weed. The kind of burnout I talked about on Monday. :) This article is on Problogger, but it's by Glen from ViperChill.com.

The Truth About Creative Burnout: 30 Experts Speak Out by Ali Hale

Remember when I wrote that there were a lot of articles on burnout lately? Oh, you don't remember? Well, I just wrote it 30 seconds ago so either you have a very short term memory or you're not even reading. I can't help you with either one. Sorry. These comments have nothing to do with this article, do they?

Escape Your Blog To Grow It by Chris Garrett

This is a great article by Chris, but make sure to read the first comment by Jade Craven as well. Both of them are very smart. :)


Thanks again to Marilia from TrippingMom.com for the awesome Freedom Fighter suggestion. Do you have sweet suggestions? Want to do an interview? Want to tell me your deepest, darkest secrets? Let me know. I'm told my e-mail address is too hard to find (weird, because I get lots of e-mails) so here's a nifty contact form. ;) (Also, just kidding about the deepest, darkest secrets thing.)

Have a great weekend!