Sweet Simplicity Saturday #025 (Luxury of Less Edition)
Publication: RidiculouslyExtraordinary.
Posted by Ryan Neal
Sweet Simplicity Saturday #025 (Luxury of Less Edition)
Publication: RidiculouslyExtraordinary. Posted by Ryan Neal

Two nights ago I had the honor of introducing Chris Guillebeau at his Ann Arbor book tour stop. It was a good time even though I actually didn't say the main thing I wanted to say and I really could have done a better intro all around. It has been a while since my old Toastmasters days, but I really want to thank Chris for the opportunity to work my public speaking muscle. I used to be (and still sometimes am) incredibly shy, but I like getting up in front of people and I'd like to do it far more regularly.

Today we're doing something different with Sweet Shit Saturday. Instead of new articles from around the Web, I'm linking to 1 article from each contributor of the upcoming Minimalist Book Sale.

What is the Minimalist Book Sale, you ask? Well, for my Luxury of Less launch I did say I'm doing something big, right?

The Minimalist Book Sale will be a 3 day event starting at 10am Eastern this Monday, October 4. 13 contributors (including myself) have come together to offer their eBooks in one amazing package for one very low price. It's literally over $200 in value (not an inflated number) for $27.

Bonus! I'm sending my first 24 hours of profits to Third World entrepreneurs via My goal is to send $2,000 and I believe we can do it!

An extra twist: after these 3 days The Luxury of Less will be off the market. It will be available only in Kindle and Print form (in time for the Holidays), and this is your only chance to get the special edition PDF download version.

Complete details on Monday.

Now? Sweet links!!!

The Lost Art of Solitude by Leo Babauta

This is one of my favorite ZenHabits articles and it's something I strongly believe in.

How You're Hindering Your Potential (With Your Stuff) by Everett Bogue

A very important article that maybe didn't get enough traction back when it was written.

22 Ways To Practice The Art of Relaxation by Tammy Strobel

#1 is by far my favorite. Although instead of frequent, I'm a fan of once/day.

The 10 Most Important Things To Simplify In Your Life by Joshua Becker

#4 all the way. :) I have a lot of practice with this one.

3 Steps Toward True and Permanent Happiness by Sam Spurlin

You'll see #3 repeated often by a lot of people. It's because it's very important. Experiences, not stuff.

Killing The "What If I Need It Someday?" Excuse by Brett Oblack

This is important and it's a question I've been asked at least a dozen times. Thanks for killing this excuse Brett. :)

5 Minimalist Actions In 5 Minutes by David Damron

You can start small if you'd like. You will see the benefits with small, consistent actions.

You Will Never Have Enough, But You Have Everything You Need by Charley Forness

Charley is a very smart guy as proof by this article. I wish I wrote this one.

Simple Carpet Cleaning by Annie Brewer

Because simplicity and minimalism include more than just our stuff. :)

Small Steps vs Big Muddles by Meg Wolfe

I like this because even when you're leading a minimalist life you can run into stumbling blocks.

How To Be Frugal and Feel Amazingly Abundant by Henri Junttila

As with many of my friends I'm completely biased, but out of all the great stuff Henri writes this is one of the best.

42 Ways To Radically Simplify Your Financial Life by Adam Baker

This is one of the most popular articles on, and for good reason. Check it out and simplify your finances.


That's a lot of links! I'd like to thank every one of these fantastic souls for contributing to the Minimalist Book Sale. Without them it would be a really minimalist book sale consisting of just my book. :)

See you Monday at 10:00am Eastern for 72 hours of sales fun! Yes, that's a transparently commercial pitch. You might not be interested and that's OK. Next Thursday after the sale is over I will do something radical for you that you will definitely love. ;) Subscribe to the RSS feed so you don't miss it.