Sweet Song Saturday #024 (Blast From The Past Edition)
Publication: RidiculouslyExtraordinary.
Posted by Ryan Neal
Sweet Song Saturday #024 (Blast From The Past Edition)
Publication: RidiculouslyExtraordinary. Posted by Ryan Neal

Thank you for making the First Annual International Minimalist Day a good time! Next year we'll plan a minimalist event. :)

On an unrelated note ...

I've had a bunch of questions about guitar and music and whatnot. No, I don't play in a band anymore. "Oh, really, you used to? What did it sound like?" I'll get to that. ;) No, I don't want to be a rockstar. Yes, I love going on tour (have done two 3-week tours of the US). If you're in the Detroit area come hang out with me and my rockstar friends on October 1 at the Magic Stick.

Guitar and music is a personal experience. Although it's fun to get a bunch of acoustic guitars together and jam with friends I get a big high from sitting alone and getting lost in the strings.

With that said, today I will share a very old song with you. Very old as in recorded in 2001. This is the last time I was in a band. You won't like the music. That's OK. No, that's not me fishing for compliments. Most people don't like music with loud guitars, double bass, and screaming. I do. ;)

Break Away

(If you're reading via RSS or e-mail you might need to click here to see the song player.)

I'm the 2nd guitar that comes in on the intro. Not sure what channel that's in because I'm listening on my laptop and left/right channels are hard to distinguish.

Now with your ears properly tuned, onto the sweet links!

Sell Your Crap by Adam Baker

Baker finally released the ultimate course to getting rid of the excess crap in your life and making some cash while doing so. You know I fully advocate this. :) Also, I can't possibly be unbiased since Baker is a friend. But it's a fantastic course and he worked his ass off on it so you should check it out if it's up your alley.

The Evolution of a Spiritual Poker Player and Entrepreneur by Henri Junttila

I've been doing a lot of chatting with Henri lately and he impresses me to no end. His writing has been extra on fire lately and there are some big things brewing in the coming year.

Free work vs internships by Seth Godin

This is from last year and it's as important as ever. Seth writes a lot so no worries if you missed this article the first time around. :)

A Minimalist's Guide To eBay by Adam Baker

Yes, I'm linking to Baker twice. I said I can't possibly be unbiased, right? This is Baker's guest post on ZenHabits and it'll get you started on eBay if you're looking to get rid of your crap.

Focus On A Freedom Fighter #001: Matt Madeiro

As I mentioned last week, and thanks to Marilia's idea, I'm going to regularly highlight Freedom Fighters on this blog and in the Freedom Fighters course.

Today, meet Matt Madeiro from

Matt's submission really resonated with me, so out of all the submissions I received for this inaugural Focus On A Freedom Fighter section, he gets to be #001. :)

Here's what Matt had to say ...

Karol: Why did you join Freedom Fighters?

Matt: I joined because I was inspired as all hell by the bold things you've done and thought I might just be one of the 100 lives you're looking to change. :) That last part might not happen, but I'm bound and determined to use you as example and inspiration as I eschew cubicle hell for a true, genuine life. And what better way to pick up a few tricks than to join the Freedom Fighters?

K: How has Freedom Fighters helped you?

M: I've learned so much! How to market and sell a digital product, for one, but a number of tricks too for pushing my blog to the next level. I'm wholly impressed that you offer the secret to your success for free.

K: What are your goals with your website?

My goals are like any other blogger's, I guess. I want to build my blog up to the level where it can support me doing the three things I love: traveling, writing, and combining those first two in a way that encourages other people to do the same too. :)

K: Is there anything in particular you'd like to tell the world?

M: Hello, world. :) I'm looking to help and connect with people as best I can, so please don't hesitate to stop by my site and say hello. Maybe you'll find something you like! And, on a more inspirational note -- you have big dreams. I have big dreams. I'm seeing so much pressure from so many parts of society to temper my ambition and live a simple, normal life, but I absolutely refuse. Something tells me that you do too -- so why don't we take a stand together?

K: Kick ass, thanks Matt! Don't forget to head on over to and support a Freedom Fighter!


That's it for this week! The October 4th launch of the Luxury of Less is coming soon and we're doing it big. I will give you a hint: You know how there are a lot of great ebooks about minimalism out right now? Well, what if they were all available in one single package for 3 days at a very low price? ;)