Sweet Soup Saturday #015 (Something I Forgot Edition)
Publication: RidiculouslyExtraordinary.
Posted by Ryan Neal
Sweet Soup Saturday #015 (Something I Forgot Edition)
Publication: RidiculouslyExtraordinary. Posted by Ryan Neal

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Last week in my vegan travel article I neglected to mention one of my favorite breakfast foods: oatmeal! Plain oatmeal with whatever fruits I have handy. Usually sliced bananas, strawberries, or kiwis.

Filling, nutritious, available in some form everywhere I've been, and easy to prepare. Go oatmeal!


Last Sunday I spent all day on a Slakkline (aka slack line; pictured to your right) and it was incredibly fun, exhausting, tiring, and fun. I'm considering picking one up.


If you're reading this on my Web site you'll notice two new images in the sidebar. Since you're probably not reading this on my Web site, but through e-mail/feed reader here is what they are.

First, has a 125x125 image in anticipation of its release:

This is a very niche product and you might not be in the market for it, but it's on a really powerful topic that's close to my heart. I know it will help a lot of people.

And second, I'm working on a free "manifesto" called The American Dream Is Dead (Long Live The American Dream!) and I added an image for that in the sidebar as well. I began working on this manifesto early this year and then put it aside. It probably would've been good to release it on July 4th, huh? ;)

The release date on this is soon, but undetermined. I've written all the core content, but I'm still undecided on a few aspects of it. I expect it will be released within 3 weeks. (The design takes time.) :)

Sweet soupy links ...

The Daily Brainstorm Blogazine

This is an interesting new aggregator of blog posts, of which this blog is a part. With so many blogs being a part of it, I don't know how valuable it will be to each contributor, but it will be interesting to see what happens.

Boredom Is Public Enemy No. 1 by Jeffrey Tang

I fully agree. Boredom never results in anything good. I would venture to guess, based on my own experiences, that most cases of depression or drug addiction (alcohol, cigarettes, and harder drugs) are caused by boredom. (I've never been addicted to drugs, for the record!)

Veganism and Vegetarianism: Are They Healthy? by NYU Professor Marion Nestle

You know, I'm not a big fan of University, but as for social proof I know you'll probably listen to a Professor more than little ole me. By the way, this video is hosted at It's an awesome site I learned about this week and I will be the first to admit that while I was sore and barely walking from the Slakkline I spent hours watching videos here. It's like TED, but different.

Four High-Protein Vegetarian Alternatives To Soy by Matt Frazier

Because, for whatever reason, people still believe you can't get protein without eating meat. I'm not sure if I told this story before so I'll make it super short in case I have: last year in Franz Josef, New Zealand I went on a hike with 6 other people. All were meat eaters and all said eating vegan is no good, can't possibly be good, you need meat for energy, etc, etc, myth, myth, BS. 2 hours later they all went home tired. I continued hiking for another 2 hours. Wusses. ;)

The Elements of Change by Leo Babauta

I'm really pissed at this article. Not because it's bad, but because, dammit, I wish I wrote this part: "One last note, to anyone making changes: you will fail. I don’t say that to discourage you, but to release you from the fear of failure … because if you already know it will happen, then there’s no pressure to avoid it."

That "release you from the fear of failure" part kills! If perfection in blogging was possible, that would be it.

Back in the days when me and my friends would hear an amazing guitar riff we'd joke: "That's it, that is too good, I quit, take my guitar." I feel the same about this. Leo, you're damn good. But I won't quit. ;)

Let's Hang Out At BlogWorld!

As a last note, I will be at BlogWorld in Las Vegas October 14-16! BlogWorld is maybe the largest social networking conference in the ... wait for it ... world! If you're a blogger or an aspiring blogger it will be a great place to network.

And what's more important than hanging out with me? I'll tell you what: nothing! ;)

If you decide to register let me know when I get to the USA so I can give you my cell number and we can hang. If enough RidiculouslyExtraordinary readers decide to go I will hold a special event ... like dinner ... or a Karaoke Party! The Weekend Pass (the one I bought) costs $395. If you want to save money on the hotel you can stay at one of the cheaper hotels on the strip. Or find a roommate to share the costs at Mandalay Bay (where BlogWorld is being held). Or CouchSurf!

That's all for this week. I hope your July is going well!

Questions/comments/wanna walk on skinny pieces of fabric together? You know what to do ...