Sweet Symbiotic Saturday #027 (BlogWorld Edition)
Publication: RidiculouslyExtraordinary.
Posted by Ryan Neal
Sweet Symbiotic Saturday #027 (BlogWorld Edition)
Publication: RidiculouslyExtraordinary. Posted by Ryan Neal

Depending on the definition you use symbiotic is the wrong word here, but it fits as a general idea for the past couple of days.

BlogWorld has been awesome. So awesome that I didn't get this posted for my usual 7:11am blog post time. :) I've actually not been going online almost at all. Been waking up at 7am, going to sleep after 3am, and running on pure adrenalin and kick assery.

I've met a lot of great people here at BlogWorld Las Vegas. My goal with an event like this, or anything in life really, is to not meet a lot of people though. I'd much rather meet a few people and hang out with them a lot. While I have spent some time attending talks (like creating Mouth Watering Content by the phenomenal Nathalie Lussier <-- click! raw food, mmmm!), I've spent most of my time outside of the event hanging out.

Instead of a normal Saturday post, I'm going to link to the people I've met and had conversations with. Hopefully I don't have a brain fart and not include somebody. If I do, I'm sorry, I still love you.

These are all amazing people, many of them you may know, some of them you may not. In no particular order ...

Leo Babauta -

It's hard to put into type how nice of a guy Leo is so I won't try. You should already know him, but if you don't, definitely check out ZenHabits.

Adam Baker -

You should know Baker by now since I've linked to him a bunch and he was part of the 72 hour minimalist book sale recently. :) He taught me a magic trick that I'm still working on. My pinky finger is not normal so it's taking me extra practice. :)

Corbett Barr -

I hadn't met Corbett before even though we've talked a bunch. He is such a smart dude you seriously need to follow what he's doing if you're not already.

Benny Lewis -

Great to hang with Benny again. The last time was in Berlin 4 months ago and he's still doing amazing things with language hacking and being all-around awesome.

Matt Gartland -

I spoke to Matt for the first time about a week ago and it was great to meet up in person. He's working on a really kick ass project that I'm definitely looking forward to.

Jonathan Mead -

I interviewed Jonathan for How To Live Anywhere, but this is the first time we were able to speak in person. He just launched Paid To Exist a few weeks ago, and he is straight up living the paid to exist lifestyle.

Laura Roeder -

Laura is genius. She probably won't like me saying that. That's OK though, I can deal with it. :)

Jade Craven -

Jade is from Geelong, Australia. I was in Geelong last year watching Geelong vs St Kilda in the Australia Football League Final. Weird and awesome! We did an interview on video and I hope it turned out well. :)

Ali Hale -

Ali writes and coaches writers. She also has the most popular staff blogging course around. :)

Thursday Bram -

Thursday is a freelance writer and to put it as simply as possible, really fun to talk to.

Chris Ducker -

Chris is doing some fascinating things with outsourcing to the Phillipines. Unless hiring almost 300 workers isn't fascinating to you. ;)

Pace Smith -

Listen, if you live in my favorite city (Austin) you can't not be awesome. :) Pace is awesome.

Farnoosh Brock -

Farnoosh is so full of energy it's crazy. Her blog has actually been in my feedreader for a while although I don't believe I've ever actually linked to her before. :)

Catherine Caine -

Well, come on ... her Web site is Be Awesome Online. Catherine is awesome! I use the word awesome a lot. :)

Srini Rao -

Srini interviewed me on BlogCastFM about 8 months ago. We've kept in contact since and it has been awesome hanging out with him a bunch here at BlogWorld.

Sid Savara -

Sid's also part of BlogCastFM. He's doing some great things on his blog and it has been cool hanging out with him a bunch as well. :)

Dave Navarro -

I only had a chance to speak with Dave for a minute, but he's a really nice guy. After I launched How To Live Anywhere the first time I bought his "Launch The #$(* Out Of Your eBook" course to figure out what I did wrong and right. Pure gold.


Looking over this list I know I missed some people. I will make it up to them in the coming weeks. ;)

Monday I'm going to try to get a video post up. I haven't done one in a LONG time, and there's a very important reason I need to. (We'll see how video editing on my netbook works out though.)