After yesterday's post about "Thank You" I felt compelled to write this post. Yes, my post schedule is completely off this week, but that's OK.

A lot of fun things have been happening with friends and I want to share that with you. If you're reading this blog then you'll probably like what they're doing too.

I've numbered them, but they're in no particular order.

1) Get Out of Debt

Baker over at ManVsDebt released his first eBook UnAutomate Your Finances:

No, that's not an affiliate link. While I am an affiliate, this is bigger than putting money in my pocket. I think you should consider getting UnAutomate Your Finances if you're in debt.

I've read it, it's actionable, it's doable. I like that type of shit. I know, wtf, spending money if you're in debt? The truth is you don't need this book. You don't need any book. But if you don't know what to do, this is a highly recommended action plan you can follow.

On a related note: I've written a post called "How To Deal With Debt" that I still haven't posted. In that one I'll use an affiliate link for Baker's eBook. ;) Dealing with debt is an important step to living anywhere, so we'll cover that when the time comes.

2) Minimalism

Everett Bogue has been on fire lately. He interviewed me in January. That's not part of the "on fire," but I digress ... just a few weeks ago he released a practical eBook on minimalism called The Art of Being Minimalist. Although I don't really write too much about minimalism here, it's a way of life I subscribe to.

After reading Everett's eBook I was compelled to send him a 2,400 word essay about minimalism that will either be included in an update of his book or shared with you some other way.

Again, this is not an affiliate link. I truly believe Minimalism is one of the easiest paths to Freedom:

3) Create A Movement

Everett Bogue again. I said he was on fire, didn't I? Last Sunday he released a free eBook called How To Create A Movement. It's short and fluffless. You know how I hate fluff.

Thank you for joining my Ridiculously Extraordinary Movement. You rock for being here. :)

4) Use Your Skills For Good

In early January Shannon Albert made a post asking for help brainstorming an online project. In essence, she was wondering how to monetize her skills. I made a comment on that post even though I didn't directly offer any advice. I had a feeling I knew what Shannon was going to do.

See, before I even started I e-mailed Shannon for help with the design. I designed this blog myself, but without her help, it would look like poop. (Yes, I did just use poop instead of crap or shit, what of it?!)

You can now hire Shannon to create a blog from scratch or help you with setting up Wordpress, among other things:

The video I have planned for Friday also references Shannon's "brainstorming" blog post. It's about Tools. And it's important.

See you tomorrow with a new video: "Failure Doesn't Exist."