The Do Shit You Love Show Bonus Footage


One of my last days in Auckland, NZ I hung out with Baker from to record Episode 1 of his new Do Shit You Love Show.

Before you watch the bonus footage below check out the full show here (link opens in a new tab/window):

The Do Shit You Love Show Episode 1

We discuss traveling, following your passions, and doing what you love, among other things.

Make sure to watch until the end to hear the question I ask you. Then answer it in the ManVsDebt comments. :)

When you’re done, come back here and watch the bonus footage of me asking Baker a few questions:

It was getting dark in Auckland and by the end of my video you can barely even see us. I did boost the brightness in Windows Movie Maker even though that makes the video very grainy. What can you do, it is bonus footage. ;)


Last Friday I mentioned that my posting schedule this week will be changed up a bit. There will be no article tomorrow, and I’m posting this Thursday instead of Friday.

There will be no Friday Update and the article I post won’t be about the Holidays. It’s actually an article I shouldn’t post at a time when a lot less people will read it. If you know me by now, you know I don’t do what’s expected. ;)


  1. Awesome stuff Karol! I loved the main episode and definitely enjoyed the bonus footage. Would have loved to see more. This definitely has me thinking and (re)evaluating what I want to do in the new year — and beyond.

    You keep mentioning the vegan thing, and I’m still waiting on that post. LOL! Like you haven’t been busy lately, right?? ;-)


    • Thanks Dave, glad you liked it!

      I had planned on launching a vegan recipe site a couple weeks back and coinciding that with the “Why Vegan?” article here. That didn’t happen as planned. But when it happens, it’ll happen. ;)


  2. This was a very nice extra bit, I liked it. Thanks for sharing! :) The networking bit I especially enjoyed — Sorry, but I’m kinda glad to know I’m not the only one who has trouble with that… ;) (I’m always convinced I am in no way interesting to anyone else, so why would anyone want to talk to me, right?)

    • Hey Meg,

      Thank you. Yeah, I asked Baker that question because I knew I wasn’t the only one who wasn’t great at networking. And I know he’s very good at it.

      How are you not interesting? Among other things, you race cars! I’ll bet 99 out 100 people you meet would be fascinated by that.


      • Karol,

        Thanks. :P I really do forget that cars & racing aren’t usual to most people… About 95% of my friends are into cars and racing as well, so it’s really just what we do. (As we always put it, it’s an entirely different way of life.) The hardest part I guess is telling people I do it so that they are interested right off the bat — “Hi, I’m Meg and I race cars”? I feel funny doing it without being able to show off my “race car.”

        Definitely working on the networking, I need to work on my conversational skills as well. If I can get someone’s attention, great, but then there’s keeping it, right? I think Baker’s the only blogger I’ve ever exchanged more than one email with, better than none I suppose. And look, here I am trying to practice it again. ;)

        • “Hi, I’m Meg and I race cars.” – To someone who doesn’t race that is a curiosity evoking introduction. “Oh really, you race cars? Interesting…tell me about that…”

          “If I can get someone’s attention, great, but then there’s keeping it, right?” Yes, but don’t over think it. An easy conversation won’t happen with every person you speak to so don’t worry about if the conversation isn’t flowing.

  3. Karol… Found you and your site through Really enjoyed the interview and totally look forward to following you here in your blog and on Twitter. I’m fairly new to the world of blogging but I’m really excited and truly love finding people and blogs such as your here.

    Have a great and safe Holiday Season and I’m excited about meeting your blog here.

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