Mind Control For Fun and Profit! (or How To Brainwash Yourself)


How would you like to be able to condition someone to do anything?

I have a secret to share and I want to apologize for not telling you sooner.

I’m a long time student of mind control.

I’ve been using it selfishly for far too long and I think it’s about time I shared my top secret technique with you and the rest of the world.

Before you get any ideas…

The mind I control is my own. You too can control your mind to magically force yourself to accomplish things you previously thought impossible.

The problem with a lot of people not reaching their goals is they haven’t properly brainwashed themselves.

This isn’t just about positive thoughts and affirmations or writing down your goals.

While that stuff is all well and good it doesn’t produce results like my Mind Control Method. (Patent Pending or something.)

You should know, in advance of learning Mind Control, that failing is normal.

That said, if done right (it will take you a few tries), this has a 100% success rate.

Since a very young age I’ve had the incredible ability to achieve, acquire, or do virtually anything I’ve ever wanted. And the reason is I use the Mind Control Method.

When I was in 6th grade I used Mind Control to get a full University scholarship. (I don’t know how it is where you live, but in the U.S. Uni is very expensive.) It materialized 6 years later and I never had to pay for the Computer Science degree I didn’t use. :)

In 8th grade I used Mind Control to pay for a class trip to Chicago, Illinois.

While in University I used Mind Control to keep from ever having to get a job and to build a $100,000+ per year business at age 23.

I have many more examples, but you know I hate fluff so that’s enough of that…

How To Perform Mind Control (On Yourself!)

1) Write down what you want to happen in letter form. That is, write a letter (not a sentence; a detailed letter) to your future self explaining what already happened (even though it hasn’t happened yet). Date the letter and specify the date your goal was reached.

If you don’t know how to begin let me help start you off:

“Hey [your name],

You already know all of this by now, but some amazing things have happened in the last 6 months…”

And then start explaining what you did and how you did it even though it hasn’t been done yet. Sounds complicated. It’s not. Just do it. It’s essential to the brainwashing aspect of Mind Control Method.

Karol, WTF, you just said writing down goals doesn’t work!

That’s not exactly true, so please bear with me here.

2) Read the letter aloud. Seemingly insignificant, but auditory stimulation is important in Mind Control.

3) Believe. Do you believe what you just read aloud? If not, start over with Step 1. That means throw away your letter. Don’t use it as a “draft” for your new letter. Start over. Clean slate.

If you write something like “Man, it’s so cool that I won the lottery. Life is so good now.” the Mind Control Method won’t work. Why? Because there is absolutely no way you will ever truly believe you won the lottery.

Keep repeating Steps 1-3 until you have the wording so vividly clear that it feels like what is in the letter has already happened.

4) Take action. This step is where I feel like you might get caught up. But it doesn’t have to be difficult.

Begin the process of doing what your future self already knows has been done. Take it step by step as you’ve already described in the letter.

You might think this doesn’t work, but you’ve seen one of my letters already. My last Mind Control Method Letter is where Accountability Statement #1 came from. Obviously I changed it around and turned it into a blog post, but within 2 weeks of writing that I increased the readership to this blog 14-fold. And the readership keeps increasing beautifully.

The whole Mind Control Method process should take hours, not minutes. It’s not a fast process whatsoever. If you find yourself not enjoying the process it may be because what you’re writing about in your letter isn’t something you truly want.

I’ve never taught or talked about my Mind Control Method before. I always had a feeling people might think it’s dumb and wouldn’t use it. Which would be a waste of time all around.

I know you’ll use it, because you’re a Ridiculously Extraordinary Person. We don’t try. We do. We use The Iron Mind and we take action.

Go, go, go!


  1. I call it writing affirmations and like you I think people think they’re dumb but they really do work! Obviously it helps if you have a determined nature and you seem to have got that. Well done on all your achievements. You thought it, planned it and made it happen.

    • Hi Annabel,

      Thanks, yes, it is similar to writing affirmations, but it goes beyond. Affirmations, by themselves, never worked for me. But if they rock it for you that’s awesome!

      Thanks again!

  2. Great post Karol.
    I particularly like the part about believing.

    My….. philosophy, if you like, is simply that “if you believe it, then it is true”.

    Believing is the key.

    If you believe you are going to succeed, and I mean believe not hope, then you will. Likewise with failure. If you believe that something will fail, then it will.

    This is the advice I give to anyone who asks me about The Secret or EFT or anything that they are looking into.

    Most importantly though, is the acceptance that not everyone believes in the same methods. That doesn’t make them wrong and you right or vice-versa, its just more proof of the power of belief.

    PS Any chance you could show us the mind control letter version of your Accountability Statement?

    • Hey Andy,

      You’re right, I never said other methods were wrong. Just not as effective as Mind Control Method. :) That said, if you have something that works well for you stick to it. MCM is for anybody who has tried other goal-setting approaches without success.


      P.S. No can-do on the MCM letter. Not at this time anyway. ;)

  3. I appreciate your post and will use this method straight away… earlier this year I told myself that this was going to be my year… It’s December 1 and I still feel like I have time; call it procrastination or parkinson’s law, but I still have time.

    And I wanted to let you know that I immensely appreciate your use of spell check. I have noticed.

    • Hi MS,

      Thank you, yes, you still have time. :)

      Telling yourself you’re going to do something isn’t as effective as really believing you’re going to do it and then doing it. You really have to get down to the vivid details and focus. Vague statements like “this will be my year” leave you with no goals to accomplish. Get down to it and do it!

      I have no idea what you’re referring to as far as spell check, but thank you! ;)


  4. You know I used to do this, or something like it.
    I would write letters to myself at the beginning of a school year detailing what I had accomplished that year. Lofty goals like straight A’s, winning tournaments, finishing some long-term project, getting fit, etc. I would address them to myself with a date to be opened again and tape them to my wall.
    The problem was every time I opened a letter I found that I had only accomplished about 1/2 of the things I was reading about doing. Eventually I just stopped writing the letters.
    Looking back, there are a lot of things I set out to do that I didn’t get around to, or only kindof did. There were very few things I accomplished with the measure of success that I intended.

    I have to be honest, since I started reading your blog, things have been changing for me. I am accomplishing the things I set out to do. And this post is no exception. Before, I was missing some key components of the mind control method. Now I am going to try again. Right now.

    • Hi Caleb,

      Even if you only accomplished 1/2 the things in your letters you probably still accomplished more than you would have if you never wrote the letters. That said, an important aspect of the Mind Control Method is to focus on one thing. Bogging it down with a laundry list of items makes it less effective.

      And thank you. It’s great to know that my blog has spurred change in you.

      Let me know how your updated MCM letter goes!


  5. Another awesome post Karol — thanks!

    This is very similar to the methods outlined in the book, “The Lazy Man’s Way to Riches.” It’s one of my favorites, but unfortunately (like many other things), I don’t APPLY the advice. Yes, I’m a dumb a$$. :)

    As Yoda said, “Do or do not… there is no try.”

  6. Great Mind Control tricks!
    Similarly, I love to interview my clients as if they are a radio guest of mine describing how they went from where we started to where they are “now,” and have them listen to the audio. So powerful, but I guarantee I will do exactly what you described later this afternoon.

    • Hi Gina,

      Awesome! With some of my more advanced MCM techniques I use audio too. ;)

      Let me know how the MCM letter works for you!

      Thank you for sharing!

  7. Hey, Karol, great post. My variation is to write a letter as myself in X years.

    IE “Its 2014 and I can’t believe how things have gone in last 5 years….”

    Very similar and works well for me!

  8. This post is very interesting! Sound like the Silve method! Pretty cool techniques that you use. I do believe that we have much more available to us inside our minds! Sometimes we have to take time and re-format our mental resouces. Good luck in India!

  9. I actually climbed out of bed at 3:30 to do this other day, cause I didn’t really get to it that afternoon, like I had promised. I realized that step 1 takes lots of writing and rewriting and reading and re-reading to get it to that place where it resonates with your whole being. I’ll keep working on it – and I’ll keep you posted. Thanks.

    • Thank you Gina! I think you’re the first person (who has made it known) to go through the grueling, eye-opening, and fun process. :)


  10. I really enjoyed the post. I was wondering, since you are a student of mind control, where can I find more information that relates to your MCM letter? Do you have a book? Keep up the good work. Thanks.

    • Thank you Gary!

      I don’t have a book, and at this point I don’t know where to get more info directly related to the MCM. It’s powerful standalone though. :)


  11. Hi. I just now read this excellent article. May I offer a thought as to why this particular technique may be so successful?

    I believe the answer may be that in doing such a thorough re-working around one’s goal that the various brains we carry inside our skulls (the R-Complex, the Limbic, and the Neocortex) all get a chance to have their specific needs met, as they each “speak” different languages.

    Your letter method is a way to effectively address any unconscious feelings or thoughts that may oppose the primary goal. 2 years ago, I wrote about another method that works well too but uses affirmations as a jumping off point.

  12. Hey Karol

    I’ve just written my letter. It didn’t take long, certainly not hours and hours, but then I did think a lot about what I wanted to achieve before I set pen to paper. I was nervous to read it back to myself because I usually feel stupid doing stuff like that, but amazingly, it felt really great. Really real! Plus I’m feeling all excited now.

    A question. What do I do now? Do I read it everday day, more than once a day?

    Thanks for the awesome post!

    Angela :-)

    • Hi Angela!

      That is so great…it does seem a bit “weird” but after you do it, it’s all good. :)

      No need to read it every day if it was done correctly. Why? Because you’ve set yourself up for action. As long as you’re working towards the plan that was laid out in specific detail in your MCM you are set. If you’re falling off track, you might need to redo the letter as opposed to reading it over and over.

      Thanks for participating in this awesome technique!

  13. Hi Karol,

    Just wondering what your time frames are on your MCM letters… I’m currently debating a 1 year/4 year/7 year letter. Or maybe just as far as I can go in terms of being very specific? The trouble is, I’m not very sure what freedom looks like for me right now (just graduating uni soon) so I can’t be that specific– I just know I want to have the means to explore what that might be and want to work toward that now!

    Also, do you ever have more than one MCM letter going on at one time? Do you lump all your goals into one or do one or a few goals per letter?

    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Michelle,

      There’s the rub. It doesn’t work if you’re not specific.

      I don’t have more than one MCM at a time. There is no problem having more than one goal in an MCM as long as you follow these rules:

      1) They have to complement each other. For example, being a minimalist and owning 3 sports cars doesn’t jibe. :)
      2) You have to be specific.
      3) You have to truly believe what you’ve read out loud to yourself.

      Graduating uni (congrats by the way!) is no excuse for not being specific. What does freedom look like to you today? What do you wholeheartedly believe today?

      If you want to do more than one MCM (i.e. different time frames) the same rules apply. Each MCM must complement the others, you have to be specific, and you have to believe what you read out loud (important step!).

      That said, attempting more than one MCM may cause you to lose focus.


  14. Thanks for the details. I think I’m getting an idea of where to go with this. Things that matter to me are water, travel, dance, wellness, adventures, generosity, arts. Travel and wellness can be complimentary, right?:P I’m not so sure after your massage story…

    One last question: how do you build in the ability to experiment in your MCM while being specific? Do you just go with specifics now and change it if you need to?

    • Yes, travel and wellness can be complementary. There are no rules as to what is complementary. It’s all up to you.

      “Do you just go with specifics now and change it if you need to?” – Yes, in a way. But if you’re already thinking about changing you’re approaching it in a way that you might not actually believe the letter. Be so specific that nothing needs to change. If it comes down to it and something changes so be it. :) Maybe a little confusing, but when you do it you’ll see what I mean.

  15. Loved the post :) Wrote my letter yesterday. It’s really a great motivation. Really convinced it’s going to work :)


  16. Just read your Mind Control Method ! Wow ! You Kick A$$ ! LOL.. Will write my own letter soon. I am going on faith that the things I do not know how to do..to accomplish my goal.. will manifest in my search to accomplish my goal.. does that make sense ? I will be as specific as possible with where I want to be and what I want to accomplish and will really give thought to how this all compliments each other. I have this feeling that I discovered your site at the right time in my life and it has given me much inspiration. So, thank you Karol, for being inspirational, for sharing with the masses. I would feel so honored to be one of the 100 you seek!
    Warmest Regards,
    Debra D.

  17. Hi Karol, been going thru your older posts a little at a time…

    “I’ve never taught or talked about my Mind Control Method before. I always had a feeling people might think it’s dumb and wouldn’t use it. Which would be a waste of time all around.”

    Exactly what Derek Sivers said in that article you just posted. Between that and discovering for myself how amazing MCM is, I’m starting to think that some of my ideas for e-books might actually be cool and help others. Thanks for the boost!

    • It’s weird how much we overthink things. Most of us are really good at a few things that others would like to be good at, but we tell ourselves nobody cares.

  18. Hi, thanx for this. I was actually looking up ideas in G for how to brainwash yourself in 30 days (lots of stuff I want to program myself to do); and this post was definitely what I needed. Will try this, although I am not sure if I will have the patience to follow thru if I don’t get the letter right within an hour. :-)

  19. Thanks Karol for taking the time in sharing this. It gives me a spark of life and hope again in being the architect of my life and not just some fragile sheep.

  20. Let’s say one of my goals was something like changing my name. And I have another goal that happens after it should I address myself with my new name or the name I have right now

  21. Hi Karol, I’m very interested in your method and I want to incorporate it soon. The mind is a powerful thing!

    My question is, can you use this method to improve your confidence and happiness or is it strictly for goals in life? I’m usually pretty happy and confident but I had some setbacks this year and it would be great if I could get my mind back to the state it should be. Thanks!

  22. hey so happy that i found this page ever since i was young my family told me that we didnt have it an nothing is goin ta stay good for ever and now that im 23 i want to re record my mind to the things i want becuz i know they will happen for me thank you

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