Stop Fighting


Stop fighting who you are.

The sooner you stop fighting the sooner you start living.

Obviously there are things we can all change about ourselves.

I submit that we need to undertake these changes from a position of contentment as opposed to a position of self-hate, guilt, or unhappiness.

Being who you are is OK.

Until you accept that life will never get any better.

Stop fighting.

Then you’ll be free.


  1. Me too. :) Especially Jack’s these words: “And then, something happened. I let go. Lost in oblivion. Dark and silent and complete. I found freedom.”

    Thanks Karol, I really needed to be reminded of this.

  2. Hey Karol — long time man! Don’t worry, I’ve still been reading your blog religiously, but just haven’t commented in a while. :) This was a very timely and relevant post for me right now, so thanks for writing it.

  3. Well, that was succinct.
    One, Two, Knockout!
    Think I got the message–happily … without the pain!

    All good things — pat

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